Outdoor HD LED Display Market Trend

- Jul 23, 2020-

Following COB, mini LED, and micro LED, the LED display industry broke out technological innovation again this year. Mainly because after upstream price increases and mid-downstream price competition, the LED display industry has entered a steady development, it is difficult to stimulate demand, and corporate orders cannot grow. Under this circumstance, only technological innovation can generate new demand and drive a new round of development in the industry.

With the implementation of the hd led display policy at the beginning of the year and the opening of the common cathode technology, the ultra-high-definition display and the common cathode energy-saving technology have triggered a discussion boom. In order to seek new growth points for enterprises, LED screen companies are stepping up research and development of related new products to catch up with new trends. Market heights. In terms of ultra-high-definition display, the technological innovation of outdoor high-definition is even more refreshing. It has become a dark horse new product in the LED display industry this year, which is eye-catching.


Outdoor hd led display requirements have emerged, and future demand will continue to increase

The appearance of outdoor high-definition demands is closely related to the change of its display content and the improvement of the exquisiteness of end-user display. In the past, the content displayed on outdoor LED display screens was mainly in text form or picture content. Such content can basically be presented perfectly on conventional outdoor display screens, so the clear requirements for the display screen are not high.

In recent years, most of the content presented on outdoor led display screens is video, and the video source is mostly captured by 4K/8K HD cameras, and the video source itself has ultra-high definition attributes. Therefore, the original outdoor display screen is not detailed enough to play high-definition video, the particles are very strong, and it cannot achieve the effect of hd led display. Moreover, whether it is the support of the policy or the visual presentation of end users is a demand, ultra-high definition will become the mainstream video source in the future, and ultra-high definition displays are inevitable. Therefore, with the improvement of the definition of video sources, outdoor hd led display is an inevitable trend.


On the other hand, in terms of the requirements of end users, the details of the product can only be presented with more detailed video presentation. Because the advertising costs of outdoor led displays are expensive, the customers of outdoor led displays are mainly high-end luxury brands. The high-end brand video promotional videos are more about the highlight of the product details, so the led display screen is required to have excellent image processing functions and clear display in order to highlight the delicate products and achieve the promotional effects desired by the end users.

In addition, in the case of various types of videos becoming more high definition, the receiving crowd also put forward high-definition and delicate requirements for the visual presentation of outdoor LED displays. Three levels have put forward high definition requirements for outdoor LED displays, and present an increasingly strong trend. Therefore, the future of outdoor LED displays will be unstoppable.

Technological leapfrogging drives industry demand

The same is high-definition. Although the indoor fine pitch technology is quite mature, the realization of outdoor high-definition is a big technological leap. Due to the particularity of the location of the outdoor LED display, the requirements for waterproof, sunscreen and corrosion resistance are relatively high. Therefore, in addition to the lamp beads, the corresponding peripheral accessories also have different workmanship requirements. However, the outdoor HD led display is not a simple addition of HD and the original outdoor led display, but on the basis of maintaining the original sunscreen, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, the lamp beads are required to shrink while improving the image processing capabilities such as gray-scale contrast to ensure display accuracy.

In order to cooperate with the research and development of outdoor hd led displays, peripheral supporting products must also make corresponding technological innovations. For example, the video processor needs to be developed to 4K and above, and the inner wall of the box needs to be thinner. Therefore, when outdoor hd led displays achieve mass production, it can drive the increase in demand for outdoor hd led products in the industry chain and promote the improvement of corporate profitability.

Moreover, although the outdoor high-definition air outlet has arrived, there are only a handful of outdoor hd led display on the market and launched, and the market is still blank. Therefore, many LED display companies are stepping up research and development, rushing to release outdoor high-definition display related products to catch up The huge market heights look forward to injecting new vitality into the development of the enterprise.

In summary, the outdoor hd led display is the general trend, and the domestic outdoor led display screens are changing, and the market is blank. It is the time when companies enter the market. Therefore, outdoor LED display companies are stepping up research and development of high-definition outdoor display screens in accordance with the relevant regulations of urban beautification in various regions, seizing the vacancies of the dismantled display screens, improving profitability, and promoting the development of enterprises into another profit growth period.