Outdoor HD Led Video Display Become A Dark Horse

- Oct 11, 2019-

After COB, mini LED, micro LED, LED display industry in this year again outbreak of technological innovation. The main reason is that the LED display industry has entered a steady development after price rise in the upper reaches and price competition in the middle and lower reaches. In this case, only technological innovation can generate new demand and drive a new round of development of the industry. At the beginning of the year, with the implementation of uhd display policy and the opening of common Yin technology, Outdoor HD Led Video Display and common Yin energy-saving technology triggered a heated discussion. In order to seek new growth points for enterprises, LED screen enterprises intensified their research and development of relevant new products to catch up with the market heights of new wind. Outdoor hd led video display aspect with outdoor hd technology innovation more refreshing, become this year's LED display industry dark horse new products, eye-catching.

Outdoor HD led screen become a dark horse, LED enterprises to speed up research and development to catch up with the market heights

Outdoor HD Led Video Display

Outdoor hd display demands have emerged, the future demand will continue to improve

The appearance of outdoor hd led display demands is closely related to the change of display content and the improvement of the delicacy of end-user display. In the past, the content displayed by outdoor LED display screen was mainly text form or picture content, etc. Conventional outdoor display screen could basically present such content perfectly, so the clear requirements of led display screen were not high. In recent years, video is the majority of outdoor led screen display content, and the shooting of video source is mostly shot by 4K / 8K hd camera, and video source itself has the property of ultra hd. Therefore, the original outdoor display screen playing hd video is not delicate enough, particles are very strong, cannot achieve outdoor hd led display effect. In addition, uhd will become the mainstream of video sources in the future, and uhd display is inevitable, no matter it is the policy support or the end user's visual presentation. Therefore, with the improvement of the clarity of video source, outdoor led display is an inevitable trend.

On the other hand, in terms of the requirements of the end users, video presents the details of the product in a more delicate way. Because of the high advertising cost of outdoor display screens, customers of outdoor led display screens are mainly high-end luxury brands. The promotional video of video for high-end brands is more about highlighting the details of the products. Therefore, the image processing function of the led display screen is required to be excellent and clear, so as to highlight the delicacy of the products and achieve the publicity effect desired by the end users. In addition, under the condition that all kinds of video are becoming increasingly hd, the receiving crowd also put forward the requirements of hd and exquisite visual presentation of outdoor LED display screen. Three levels of outdoor LED display have put forward the appeal of hd, and presents a more and more strong trend, therefore, the future of outdoor LED display hd overwhelming.

outdoor led display screen

Technology leapfrogging drives industry demand

With hd, although indoor small spacing technology has been quite mature, but the realization of outdoor hd is a larger technology leap. Due to the particularity of the location of outdoor LED display, its waterproof, sunscreen and corrosion prevention requirements are higher, so in addition to the lamp beads, the corresponding peripheral supporting also has different work requirements. However, outdoor hd display is not a simple addition of hd and the original outdoor display, but on the basis of maintaining the original sunscreen, waterproof and corrosion-proof, requires the lamp beads to shrink while improving the image processing ability such as gray contrast, so as to ensure the precision of the display screen. In order to cooperate with the research and development of outdoor hd led display screen, corresponding technological innovations should be made for peripheral supporting products, such as the development of video processor to 4K or above and the thinning of the inner wall of the box. Therefore, when mass production of outdoor hd display is realized, it can promote the demand of outdoor hd products in the industrial chain and improve the profitability of enterprises. currently on the market as well as the outdoor hd display a handful, market is still blank, so the LED display the stepping up research and development enterprises, the gun outdoor hd display related products, publishing after huge market high ground, looking forward to inject new vitality to the development of enterprises.

To sum up, outdoor hd LED display is the trend of The Times, and the wind of domestic outdoor led display screen change screen, market blank, it is the time for various enterprises to enter the bureau. Therefore, outdoor LED display enterprises, in combination with the relevant regulations of urban beautification in various regions, intensify the research and development of hd outdoor display, seize the vacancy of the disassembled display, improve profitability, and promote the development of enterprises into another period of profit growth.