Outdoor LED Display Faces Severe Challenges, And Urban Landscape Will Become A New Focus Of Industry Development-Part 1

- Jun 20, 2019-

At the beginning of this year, MAGNA and RAPPORT jointly released the latest global outdoor media research report, which analyzed the current situation of China's outdoor advertising in detail, as well as the future development of its segmentation field. The report also predicts that China's outdoor advertising market will become the second largest in the world in 2019, and that digital outdoor media advertising revenue will continue to grow until 2023. As an important element of digital outdoor media advertising, outdoor LED display screen will also present a thriving scene. However, due to the frequent livelihood problems caused by outdoor LED display, smart light pole display integrating monitoring and detection has also caused impacts. Therefore, how to get rid of the industry challenges has become a top priority for the current outdoor LED display industry.

A series of unresolved issues pose a serious challenge to the industry

Outdoor LED display, as an important outdoor communication carrier, has always been favored by advertisers. However, people are concerned about all kinds of security risks and disturbing people. A series of problems such as aging, spontaneous combustion and light pollution have not been effectively solved due to various reasons, which pose a threat to the development of the industry.

The daytime light is strong and located in outdoor LED display, which needs higher brightness than other LED displays to attract passers-by 'attention. However, there is no uniform standard for the brightness of the display screen in the industry, and the brightness cannot be adjusted. Therefore, the brightness that is just right in the daytime becomes dazzling in the dark night, and the light pollution of outdoor LED display screen is generated and criticized by people. Although relevant laws and regulations have been issued to limit light pollution, a legal system for outdoor LED display brightness has not been established. In addition, complaints about outdoor LED display light pollution are frequent and disturb people's livelihood. Therefore, there is still a long way to go for outdoor LED display light pollution to be legalized.

Everything in the world has a life, outdoor LED display is no exception, the longer the use time, the more obvious side effects caused by aging parts. Outdoor LED display screen has been applied for a long time. The early batch of products cannot meet the market's visual presentation needs, nor can they adapt to urban development planning. At the same time because of its fixed nature, difficult to disassemble, evolved into a modern city in a large piece of psoriasis, seriously affecting urban landscape households, more become the first city appearance renovation target. Outdoor LED display screen is installed in a special position, the working environment is changeable, extremely testing safety performance, parts aging, circuit and other problems, the occurrence of catalytic spontaneous combustion. Product quality does not pass, increase the risk of safety accidents.

At present, the outdoor LED display market is still expanding, and the future is expected. However, under the action of various factors and the increasingly scarce outdoor location resources, the approval process of outdoor LED display is becoming complicated, which effectively restricts the development momentum of outdoor LED display, and constitutes a severe challenge to the industry.

Smart light pole screen comes with a menacingly strong force to impact the traditional outdoor big screen

The problem of light pollution has not been effectively solved, and the smart light pole screen has caused a huge impact on the industry. In urban policy under the blessing of wisdom, wisdom light pole presents the explosive growth in our country, and the lamp post screen as one of the forms of wisdom light pole, not only can play a variety of forms of media content, you can connect the WiFi, Internet of things, such as real-time monitoring traffic, environmental monitoring, real-time transmission of roads, to both the people's livelihood and commercial value. In addition, compared with outdoor LED display screen, there is the problem of increasingly scarce location resources. The light pole screen with small area and the light pole built on both sides of the road are conspicuous in location and have strong competitive advantage of high-quality location resources.

In addition, with the official landing of 5G commercial license, lamp posts with short distance and equal distance will be the best choice for the construction of 5G base station in the future, and the lamp pole screen attached to the lamp pole will also become the first beneficiaries of 5G network. The lamp pole screen equipped with 5G can realize function interaction, big data collection, remote cluster control and other functions. The increasingly intelligent lamp pole screen head is in full swing. The state has issued another favorable policy to promote the mature development of the lamp pole screen industry. Perhaps more than any other challenge, outdoor LED displays have been hit harder by smart light pole displays.