Outdoor LED Display Faces Severe Challenges, And Urban Landscape Will Become A New Focus Of Industry Development-Part 2

- Jun 20, 2019-

Urban landscape construction will become the focus of outdoor LED display

With the deepening of people's awareness of LED display, LED display has gradually entered thousands of cities and become an indispensable part of the city landscape. There are more and more outdoor LED displays in various places, but the lack of unified control leads to a chaotic overall appearance. Therefore, how to landscape outdoor LED displays has become an urgent problem to be solved by local governments. From the perspective of tourism in various places, urban landscape has a great impact on the development of local tourism, and outdoor LED display can display its artistic charm as an independent individual in various forms, becoming one of the scenic spots in the city. Therefore, in order to improve people's living quality and meet the needs of urban tourism development, many local governments have incorporated outdoor LED display into urban beautification deployment planning, enabling urban landscape, promoting the development of outdoor LED display technology, and making it a new focus for the development of outdoor LED display industry.

From the perspective of urban culture, each city has accumulated profound cultural deposits and each city has its own humanistic characteristics. Outdoor LED display, as an important component of urban construction, can also combine with the local historical and cultural heritage, endue humanistic care, build characteristic outdoor LED display with varied forms, and expand another point of outdoor LED display in urban landscape.

People will create new requirements, and outdoor abnormity screen form market is not a foregone conclusion, outdoor LED display can also be a gamble, according to the market demands, big imagination, research and development has the visual impact of special-shaped screen, occupy the heights of outdoor abnormity screen market, construction enterprises in the outdoor show the new landing site.

Intelligent and environmental protection will become the future theme of outdoor LED display

In recent years, local governments pay more and more attention to environmental protection, constantly improve the environmental protection legal system, and focus on environmental pollution, so it is urgent to solve the problem of outdoor LED display light pollution. Driver IC is a motive force of the show shine, so the outdoor LED display, can by changing the driver IC performance, free control the brightness of the lights, outdoor advertising screen during the day can give attention to two or morethings perfection the visual experience, and reduce the demand of brightness, night to fundamentally solve the problem of light pollution, promote the sustainable development of the outdoor LED display.

Although the outdoor LED display market is still expanding, the industry is facing serious challenges is a reality. Compared with the national policy support, the enterprise's own efforts are more important. The arrival of 5G network will benefit the whole society in some order, but definitely not without. Therefore, outdoor LED display can also be equipped with 5G technology, integrate big data resources, achieve thousand-screen networking, functional interaction, and build an intelligent outdoor LED display system.

With the rise of idol cause, China's aid culture is gradually diversified. Outdoor LED displays have become an important publicity carrier pursued by various fans. Due to their love for their idols, various fans put forward requirements for clearer and more realistic visual effects for outdoor LED display, so high-definition display will also be one of the trends of outdoor LED display. Therefore, under the condition that the long-distance display effect is not reduced, the enterprise reduces the distance between lamp beads, improves the definition of the display screen, develops high-definition outdoor LED display products, and promotes the comprehensive development of the enterprise and the industry.


As one of the important communication carriers, outdoor LED display is still full of vitality in modern cities. According to the market demand, outdoor display with intelligent hd and free brightness control will become a hot product. With far-sighted vision, follow the pace of The Times, increase research and development and push new investment, three swords in one, seek enterprise is the balance point of the development of The Times, ensure the healthy development of the enterprise itself, and then promote the comprehensive development of the industry.