Considerable increment of smart light pole screen

- Aug 03, 2020-

As we all know, the smart light pole industry is in the 2.0 initial stage. Due to the high construction cost and system integration, many places are in the pilot application stage and have not yet formed a flaky distribution. The actual penetration rate is only about 0.048%. According to relevant survey data, the number of newly installed smart light poles in my country has grown from 899 in 2015 to 10,000 in 2019, with a compound growth rate of 95%. Under the upsurge of new infrastructure, the continued increase in the smart light pole market will highlight the development potential of light pole screens. According to industry forecasts, by 2021, the demand for smart light poles will exceed 100,000, which will drive at least 100,000 light pole screens. As the LED display industry adjusts and enters a period of deep development, each new field contains a huge market. So, what are the opportunities and challenges of the current development of smart light pole screens?

"Multi-stroke integration" is an inevitable trend, and the blue ocean market has unlimited space

At present, smart light poles are mainly used in the field of municipal engineering. In the past two years, with the accelerated implementation of smart cities, the demand for street lamp stock transformation and incremental new construction has increased, and the proportion of billion-dollar projects has increased significantly. Data show that in 2020, projects with a value of 100 million yuan will account for about 17%, an increase of 11% over the same period. The national policy orientation strongly supports the research and development and application of smart light poles. Cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai have gradually launched pilot applications of smart light poles, and companies are actively investing in R&D elements to expand industrial application scenarios and functions. From the perspective of enterprise/operator operations, smart light poles will generate multiple operating incomes, such as subsidies, installation, operation and maintenance, carrying, advertising, energy, base stations, and data.

In the future, the catalysis of emerging technologies and the drive of industrial policies will make "multi-pole integration" a standard facility for urban modernization and reform. The new blue ocean market of smart light poles will bring considerable market space for newcomers And unlimited possibilities. Data predicts that the scale of the new market is expected to exceed 2 billion yuan in 2021. Generally speaking, the development process of the smart light pole industry is orderly, and the long-term trend in the future is bound to realize "multiple poles in one", and the industry prospects are a blue ocean.

Enterprises cross-border entry, the industry pattern is beginning to take shape

Outdoor "Leader" digital signage small screen product-light pole screen as the largest carrier of smart light pole information release, space advantages and multi-point placement characteristics make it unique in its advertising effect. The supporting facilities of smart light poles involve a wide range of industrial chains, the diversification of profit models has led to a variety of types of enterprises entering the market, and the industry concentration has gradually increased. According to relevant data, the growth rate of the number of enterprises has remained above 60% in the past three years. As of the end of 2019, there were about 68 companies that have entered the field of smart light poles and have implemented projects, an increase of 70% year-on-year. From the perspective of the type and structure of subdivided enterprises, traditional enterprises accounted for more than half, of which LED screen enterprises accounted for about 14%.

The companies entering the smart light poles are currently divided into four major camps. The first is traditional lighting companies. The potential dividend space in the market brings new opportunities to the traditional lighting industry in the era of gradual low profit. Traditional lighting and Pole and tower manufacturers started to expand their new profit models; secondly, major LED screen companies led by Absen etc. focused on increasing the development and investment in smart light pole screens and related solutions. Among them, Absen launched outdoor AW series of ultra-high-definition small-pitch LED display products. It is reported that the screen can be "one screen with multiple uses", covering 5G smart light pole screens, light box screens (including bus shelter light box screens) and close-range street view advertising screens (including bus shelter advertisements) Screen) Three mainstream application scenarios, while helping the construction of smart cities, create ultra-high investment returns. Third, it is the Internet and communications companies. Internet giants such as Huawei, Tencent, and Alibaba have joined forces with the three major operators to quickly gain a foothold in the industry by virtue of their technological advantages. Finally, there are cross-border enterprises. The related companies in the industry chain have sensed business opportunities and accelerated their strategic layout across the border.

It is worth noting that the two major issues that smart light pole screens currently need to solve are the technical threshold and experience threshold of enterprises. In terms of technical threshold, smart light poles involve network communications, cloud computing, electric power, artificial intelligence and other professional categories, which are complex Manufacturers need to have comprehensive system integration capabilities. In terms of experience thresholds, smart light poles involve a wide range of scenarios, and the services provided need to be adjusted in different scenarios. It is necessary to consider power-on and network connection in different scenarios, as well as business and city Planning, public safety, transportation, communications and other aspects of coordination and sharing among multiple enterprises or government departments require long-term accumulation of experience from manufacturers. For LED display companies, smart light pole screens are no longer a single screen, but a complete set of systems. They all need to abandon the original single product thinking and treat smart light pole screens as a set of systems and have the core The advantages of technological enterprises in the future will be more significant.

Great development opportunities for outdoor small-pitch displays

Among all outdoor display terminals, LED displays have unique advantages such as high brightness, dust resistance, and rain resistance, so LED displays can be said to be the most suitable display terminals for smart light poles. Of course, the LED display is only a constituent element of the smart light pole screen. All elements constitute a composite system. As the display terminal of the smart light pole, the LED display will play an increasingly important role in this composite system. It is necessary to continuously empower the LED display, and also to empower the smart light pole.

Smart light pole screens have certain application scenarios, and matching LED displays need to collect, publish, and transmit information, which requires higher and clearer display quality and transmission speed. 5G can meet the faster transmission speed of information, and the outdoor small-pitch display can show high-definition picture quality according to the needs, acting as a display terminal for smart light poles. In the smart construction project, the display area of each smart light pole smart display terminal is about 0.5 square meters. Although not every set of smart light poles will be equipped with a screen, with the rise of the light pole market, the proportion of smart light pole screens continues to increase, and the number of outdoor small-pitch displays used is also increasing. The demand for outdoor high-definition displays is becoming more and more urgent, which has cultivated a "new" market for outdoor small-pitch LED displays with considerable potential.


In the context of the new infrastructure, smart light poles are the next gold mine to be explored in the new infrastructure. At present, there is no obvious technical bottleneck for smart light poles. Through recent years of exploration, smart light poles have entered the standard establishment stage. , It has also attracted traditional lighting companies, LED display companies, Internet companies and other companies in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain to compete. As a new application field in the LED display industry, the LED display industry has developed an important detail By field, companies that do not have engineering and system integration capabilities are often at a disadvantage when competing with other companies. Therefore, the important goal of the next stage of the entry of LED display companies is to build their own core competitiveness.