Realizing The Value Upgrade Of Outdoor Advertising, Driven By Scene And Technology

- Sep 13, 2020-

     With the development of interactive technology, the use of digital technology in outdoor scene media has become more mature. Nowadays, outdoor advertising is giving birth to many new scenes. Workplaces, living places, and play places are connected with consumers, creating more dimensions of relationship between people and things, things and things, and people and the environment. Any place, any time , Advertising accompanies people's lives like a shadow.

    The Internet needs offline outdoor to bring new traffic increments. This is an excellent opportunity for outdoor advertising to be integrated with the Internet. Internet + outdoor advertising programmatic placement provides a solution for advertisers to reach consumers in multiple scenes of life. Program.

    Realizing crowd profile analysis through big data will lay a feasible foundation for data collection. Based on the analysis results of these data, outdoor advertising will become more intelligent and achieve more in-depth interactive communication with target audiences.

    Outdoor media and advertising are an important scene in people’s lives. With the rapid development of 5G and AI technologies, they will become important channels for strengthening online and offline global linkages and enhancing experience marketing in the future, and their value will continue to increase. The more advertisers agree that the outdoor scene is driven by technology, the better the value of outdoor media can be upgraded.

    With the changes of the times, constantly updated technology continues to empower outdoor advertising. Today's outdoor advertising not only shows the city's economic prosperity, but also reflects the continuous progress of technology. The emergence of many "black technologies" has promoted the development of outdoor media and helped outdoor advertising further realize its marketing value.

    In the 2019 outdoor media survey, it was pointed out that outdoor media is the most suitable display scene for AR technology. On the one hand, outdoor media advertisements are not limited in the size of the screen display space, and are more able to match the visual effects of AR, realizing a product display and consumption experience that is close to reality; on the other hand, outdoor media itself has strong scene attributes. It can be combined with AR technology to produce richer interactive ideas.

    Even though outdoor advertising is developing in a more precise direction, although mobile data is becoming more abundant, the monitoring of outdoor advertising and how to complete the best conversion is still an issue that advertisers are paying more and more attention to. In addition, outdoor advertising, as a highly impactful form of presentation, has also led to higher and higher requirements for creativity. It is also necessary to think about how to maximize the brand display through a picture. From this point of view, technology-supported outdoor advertising can be a solution for both.


    At present, many outdoor advertisements are based on specific scenes, the flow of people in channels and media to create creative advertising. With the development of the Internet of Things technology, media digitization, intelligence, and interconnection have created more dimensions of the relationship between people and things, things and things, and people and the environment. These three systems interact to form an intelligent media ecosystem. Media boundaries will be further broken, and marketing is entering the era of scene marketing, paying more attention to natural integration with consumers in life situations and more personalized marketing methods.

    Not long ago, AutoNavi Map launched a huge LED advertisement on the theme of "Difficult to Get a Car" on landmarks in major cities across the country. The advertising content uses the 3D image of Emoji to vividly show the anxiety, anger and collapse of urban youth waiting for the bus for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes. This tells those who can't get a taxi in line: Is it difficult to get a taxi? Use Gaode map, one-click to call the whole network, it is fast.

    This series of outdoor advertisements on AutoNavi Maps, first, cleverly uses the pain points of users’ difficulty in getting taxis at these locations, and strengthens AutoNavi’s “one-click ride-hailing throughout the Internet, it’s fast” characteristics, and second, it uses its own professional expertise. LBS's ability to issue taxi tickets makes the entire advertisement both accurate and effective, getting rid of the traditional outdoor advertising media thinking mode. Obviously, while attracting users' attention, this form allows consumers to participate, stimulates consumer responses, combines offline scenarios and online marketing, achieves the integration of product and efficiency, and establishes a good interactive relationship with users.


    At present, most outdoor advertisements in China are for display. If you want to transform billboards with technology, it also involves legal and regulatory restrictions and cost restrictions. Then, can you consider such as AutoNavi, not to transform billboards, but to use Internet thinking and technology to make outdoor Advertising is not only for viewing, but also for interaction and play.


    Outdoor advertising has won the favor of many advertisers due to its irreplaceable resources, strong impact of the picture, sceneization and compulsion. Throughout the development of the times and the changes in the market, every major change is inseparable from the promotion of technology and its own innovation. Whoever turns to embrace new technologies and improve the ability to attract consumers will get tickets to the future world in advance. Outdoor advertising is no exception.