Significant Changes In Intellectual Property Protection Issues!

- May 06, 2019-

It is reported that transportation construction projects including urban transportation, railways, stations, highways, airports, ports, etc. will be strongly supported by the country's 4 trillion investment. In particular, urban transportation, highways and railways and their station projects will become the key investment targets. The country's efforts to strengthen the construction of infrastructure such as transportation will not only help alleviate the impact of the current financial crisis on the domestic economy, maintain the steady development of the national economy, but also lay the necessary foundation for the rapid and healthy development of the domestic economy after the global economic form is reversed.

On November 25 last year, Li Xinghua, deputy director of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Transport, said at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Transport that the investment scale of the transportation infrastructure construction of the Ministry of Transport will strive to reach 1 trillion in 2009. The investment direction includes not only highways, national and provincial trunk lines and rural roads, but also the construction of ancillary facilities such as coastal ports, inland river ports and transportation hubs.

It is estimated that among the total investment of 1 trillion yuan, it is estimated that the investment of expressways will reach 400-500 billion yuan, and the rural roads will reach 200 billion yuan. Even the port construction affected by the decline of international trade will receive 90 billion yuan. Left and right input. Prior to this, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that in the fourth quarter of 2008, the country’s new central government investment of 100 billion yuan, the Ministry of Transport has already increased investment of 10 billion yuan.

In addition to the Ministry of Transportation's benefit of the 4 trillion incentive plan, the Ministry of Railways is also doing its part. According to relevant persons from the Ministry of Railways, the scale of railway investment in 2009 will be significantly larger than the original plan. It is estimated that in 2008, the railway will complete an investment of more than 300 billion yuan, and strive to complete 350 billion yuan. In 2009, the railway investment will be 600 billion yuan. In the next three years, the national railway plan investment scale will exceed 3.5 trillion yuan. In addition to accelerating the construction of weak areas such as the central and western regions, the construction of the communication nodes of the national railway network is also a key target.

At the airport, although the investment ratio of 4 trillion yuan is not huge, it is still worth looking forward to. Moreover, the local government's enthusiasm for investment in local airports is exceptionally high. Li Jiaxiang, director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that the investment in airport construction in 2009 will be as high as 200 billion yuan, and the relevant investment that can be pulled is about 500 billion yuan.

The country's heavy investment in the construction of the transportation industry will inevitably have a great pulling effect on its related product market. In addition to the traditional steel and cement industries, LED large-screen display products, especially high stability, high energy efficiency, can meet the various needs of indoor and outdoor different sizes and different application forms will also become the "four trillion" plan. Significant benefit to the industry. Coupled with the support of the national electronic information industry revitalization plan for the LED lighting display and the basic device industry, this financial crisis can be described as "only opportunities, no danger" for LED companies.

LED large screen display products have great diversity in the application of public transportation.

LED is one of the means of display of intelligent transportation systems. Intelligent Trans-portation System (ITS) refers to an intelligent information system that provides integrated traffic information services to the public or special audiences. The intelligent traffic information service system generally includes information source, information processing and information release display, etc., and the release display mainly utilizes various multimedia display devices. Since the LED screen has the characteristics of unlimited life, brightness, clarity and size, it has become a powerful assistant for urban traffic dredging. For example, an LED display located at a city intersection can display the road condition information of the relevant road section in real time, and immediately guide the driver to quickly and conveniently reach the destination.

The LED display can also be used as a delivery vehicle for traffic guidance systems. Common traffic-induced LED display modes include traffic-induced LED display (variable information board), traffic-induced route display, parking signs, and variable signage. Among them, the market capacity of display products such as highway variable information boards and variable speed limit signs is more than 500 million yuan per year. In addition to outdoor applications, LED flat can also be an excellent display means for indoor applications such as airport flight dynamic information display systems and railway passenger guidance information display systems.

The large number of applications of LED display screens in the transportation field are inseparable from their own characteristics. First of all, the size of the LED screen is random, and our ordinary family TV sets, only those sizes can be chosen differently. The LED display screen can be made infinitely large, and can only be done in a few hundred square centimeters. This transformable size can accommodate the space and site requirements of a variety of different applications.

In addition, LED screens can be widely adapted to indoor and outdoor applications. The transportation industry is a typical indoor and outdoor industry with a large number of display screen applications. The LED screen can adapt to different display environments indoors and outdoors according to different packages. The outdoor screen has unique advantages in wind-resistant sand, rainforest sun exposure, ultra-low reflection, high brightness and large viewing angle. Become the main force of the outdoor display of traffic. In the internal display, the LED screen also has the characteristics of high brightness, large viewing angle and ultra-thin body, which is very popular among airport and station users.

Life and maintainability are also one of the biggest advantages of LED screens. A bad point will not affect the overall work. Repairs only need to replace the corresponding points or modules, and the entire screen is almost unaffected. It has a high life surface and adaptability to dust, and it can work independently without long-term high-load maintenance. At the same time, it has the significant application advantages of energy saving, and is suitable for the policy trend of energy conservation and environmental protection in public places facilities.

The various application methods of LED display and its own technical characteristics determine that it has a very good market prospect in the context of the country's vigorous development of transportation infrastructure construction. At present, the domestic LED industry is still in its infancy, not only the sunrise industry, but also the industry where the market is larger than the supply. LED display industry is also a good investment project for many private enterprises and emerging entrepreneurs.