Small Spacing LED Display Market Explodes

- Jul 29, 2019-

Small spacing LED displays have been like add-ons since they were born. At first, due to the high cost, technical barriers are difficult to break through, resulting in very few applications in the market. However, in recent years, many listed LED display companies in China have entered into the field of small spacing, and invested a large amount of capital and technical cost to research and develop products with small spacing. Today, small spacing products has faded past society, has become one of the most popular products in the industry, are gradually open domestic market, also formed a profound impact on the international market, the LED display screen project refreshed the small distance between large and small screen display effect, high-definition, seamless splicing is its unique advantage.

At present, small spacing LED display with its own advantages in many fields launched a strong offensive, in different application areas to show a different style. Conference hall, concert, command center, science and technology building, square shopping mall, airport and railway station are the main application fields of small-spacing LED display, but at the same time, the application of artificial intelligence and smart city is still in the early stage. However, with the gradual breakthrough of small-spacing LED technology, products with increasingly small spacing have been developed, and the price of products has also been reduced. In the long run, it is not impossible for small-spacing LED displays to enter into new application fields.

Recently, the 2017 shenzhen ambo conference was held in shenzhen, bringing together many insiders. On this an bo meeting, besides the enterprise scramble to show new besides, a lot of products of safe defend industry let a person shine at the moment, many insiders express, henceforth safe defend the market to be able to expand gradually, market prospect cannot be limited to. So, what can the security field help the development of small spacing LED display?

Small spacing LED display is an important carrier of display

When it comes to the field of security, intelligent display has to be mentioned. Due to the enhancement of people's security awareness and the impact of intelligence on life, intelligent display plays a crucial role in security products. Moreover, in the era of intelligent monitoring, video monitoring is indispensable in any corner, and intelligent display is indispensable. The display market in the field of security is also expanded from this.

Various products of intelligent lock and uav were displayed at the 2017 shenzhen security expo. Different from traditional mechanical lock, intelligent lock is equipped with display screen, which makes it more intelligent in user identification, security and management. The scanning method is very simple. You can open the door by placing your finger on the top and bottom of the scanning area. There is no need to press your finger on the scanning area. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is a popular product of modern people. Equipped with autopilot, program control device and other equipment, the uav body can take aerial photos of the ground, sky and other angles in the high air, so as to realize the tracking, positioning, remote control, telemetry and digital transmission of the target. Is the best tool for detection personnel, camera personnel and related enthusiasts.

In fact, whether it is smart locks or drones, they need to achieve intelligent display, which is a huge business opportunity for LED display enterprises. Just imagine, if the small spacing LED display can carry technology to achieve the intelligent display of small screen or large screen, then the application field of small spacing LED display will be greatly expanded, in the security industry will also be useful.

Small spacing LED display screen security industry's new "favorite"

In addition to smart locks and drones, there are many more places in the security world where small spacing LED displays can take root. For example: traffic guidance system, public security management, smart city, monitoring center command room and so on, all need the display screen as the information broadcasting platform. With the popularization of the concept of 4K and the implementation of standards such as h. 265, video monitoring is developing towards high definition, and the requirements for LED display screen are also getting higher and higher, striving to achieve video content every inch. Therefore, the LED screen with high definition, high picture quality and low energy consumption has become a "favorite" in the security industry.

Throughout each year for every degree of trade show can know, is the exhibition industry display of the latest developments, from this year's fair enough to found in the security field has been rising, through the 2017 shenzhen ember conference security enterprise product exhibition, predictably, the smart locks, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and other security products will have a larger market, and reigning small spacing, LED display, will be more and more application in the field of security, of course, it also needs the joint efforts of security and intelligence.