Smart City Development Brings New Impetus To Outdoor Advertising!

- Nov 13, 2019-

Driven by the development of data and technology, the evolution process of smart city is accelerating day by day, and the relationship among cities, enterprises and people is changing synchronously. As one of the carriers connecting cities, enterprises and people, outdoor advertising is gradually surpassing its original role and definition and releasing more potential in the evolution of smart city.

Evolution of the relationship between outdoor advertising and cities:

Make cities smarter

Experts predict that within 40 years, 70% of the world's population will live in cities, which will undoubtedly be a huge challenge to the carrying capacity of cities. Cities need to become more efficient and intelligent in both infrastructure and service system to adapt to this change.

Outdoor advertising, including public information kiosks and traditional outdoor assets, assets, the wisdom of the city for the city provides a compelling application infrastructure, provide citizens with more including public charging pile, such as high speed wi-fi service, make people's urban life more convenient, and can be more suitable for deployment in the field of Internet of things in the future and the connection between the equipment and smart sensors.

Outdoor advertising especially digital billboards distribution in every corner of the city, all kinds of combination of NFC, beacons and facial recognition technology advertising campaigns, including pedestrian traffic, traffic information can be collected, such as the air quality in the real world different scenarios, different activities of various groups of data, its unique scene information can realize location, scenes, people/traffic, content, time and so on multidimensional degree real-time synchronization and collection, it can to promote the development of the intelligent city such as urban traffic, urban safety and urban health play more role.

In addition, in the layout of smart city, all kinds of tangible smart assets that the government is investing in, such as street lamps, traffic lights, parking meters and bus stops, will release more advertising opportunities. The government will also rely on part of outdoor advertising revenue to reduce operating costs in the construction of urban smart service system.

Evolution of the relationship between outdoor advertising and brand owners:

More accurate advertising, richer experience,

Explore more potential demand

1. More in-depth interpretation based on different scenarios of the user

With sensors, connected devices and real-time data such as the improvement of the infrastructure, advertisers will in the future can be real-time data analysis to understand at this moment who is looking at his advertising how, in what kind of environment and mood, and based on the above analysis summary such as time, space, emotion to push for a more accurate advertisement.

2. Provide more three-dimensional communication channels and brand experience

The development of the field of Internet of things will break the location limitation of outdoor advertising, connect smart home, wearable devices and traditional outdoor digital billboards, and provide consumers with more three-dimensional and all-round brand communication channels. Such as your vehicle traveling data recorder records to your driver now real-time cumulative length is longer, that you may in the long distance driving, to push the car to you massage cushion advertising and share data in the cloud, so you will in turn along the way station and mobile browsing the web repetition was pushed, and ultimately may be in after I get home, from smart television TVC awareness of more detailed selling point, in order to buy quiet environment.

With the gradual development of AR, VR and other technologies, a qualitative leap in user experience can be achieved. At the same time, follow-up feedback data mining can also gain more valuable consumer insights, so as to timely perceive the change of consumption trend.

3. Constantly dig out more dynamic potential demand

Dynamic optimization is the process of data intelligent escalating, the result of the continuous optimization is made by "people looking for demand" for the development of "demand for", that is based on the algorithm of automatic high-speed calculation of real-time recommendation to consumers of the current scene more requirements, recommend gift for father's day, for example, in the fog haze days recommend air purification products, transform every media contact point for sales opportunity.

Evolution of outdoor advertising and consumer relationship:

More emotional connection

With the continuous deepening and improvement of the construction of smart cities, outdoor advertising will be endowed with more information connection functions, such as public service information, free traffic and weather forecast, relevant emergency notice, etc., becoming a fast way for people to get information.

Brand owners can also start from the perspective of "function" experience and provide more valuable information services for consumers. Brands such as Prevalin (medicines to treat allergic rhinitis) design is based on the statistics to pollen to remind the sensitive crowd of outdoor advertising, McDonald's launch and product image in combination with the weather forecast of big, via a dip in the ketchup chips display temperature, on behalf of the sun with unpacked hamburgers, hangs box chips symbol of rainy days so have fun tips, are fused the brand and the city at the same time, provide more information services for consumers. For brands, such "human touch" design also establishes emotional connection between consumers and brands, making brands a part of consumers' lives.

After the technical facilities, outdoor advertising in the field of public welfare and urban security may also play a larger space, for example, when children lost city of the rapid release of all the advertising screen with photos and information, putting such public welfare form also let outdoor advertising more deeply influence and connection between customers.

Outdoor advertising for a long time only separate the effect of stress exposure, but in the process of intelligent city outdoor advertising has become a more innovative and rapidly change forms of media, the measurable future experience and transformation effect will be more and more get the attention of advertisers, the wisdom of the city development will create more and more opportunities for the outdoor industry, at the same time, the outdoor advertising also wisdom for the development of the city plays an important role. It can be predicted that in the coming smart city, outdoor advertising will be more closely related to cities, enterprises and people.