Smart LED Display Board Industry

- Oct 28, 2019-

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy and social progress, the process of urbanization is also advancing, and the population carried by cities is also increasing. It is reported that China's new urban population will reach 300 million by 2025, and the size of the city will exceed 1 billion. There will be more than 200 cities with a population of one million. The urban area will be 40 billion, and the total population will be five times of the current one. In the process of urbanization development, the problem of "urban disease" is increasingly serious and prominent. In order to enable sustainable development of cities, this requires continuous transformation and upgrading of cities. Smart cities are also put forward in accordance with the trend of The Times. The intelligent revolution, represented by the application of new technologies such as the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence, has started, and the way people work, live and know has been gradually transformed or even reshaped. At the same time, this "smart wave" has also continuously affected the LED display manufacturing industry. For LED display enterprises, this new economic growth point, this is a very big and attractive cake, many screen enterprises have launched smart LED display technology and products, solutions, but is it really so? Will smart LED products born in line with the trend be more "gimmick" than reality?

Smart city construction is in full swing

Smart city is one of the key development plans during the 12th five-year plan period. The country has issued three batches of smart city pilot projects. Data shows that more than 500 cities in China are conducting smart city trials and have issued corresponding plans, with a planned investment of more than one trillion yuan. In terms of practical results, smart cities have achieved extensive results in urban transportation, medical care, government administration and other fields. According to the relevant industry research institute, during the 12th five-year plan period, the output value of smart cities will exceed 700 billion yuan. With the rapid development of the Internet of things, the output value of smart cities is expected to exceed 4 trillion yuan during the 13th five-year plan period. The formulation and introduction of a new economic policy will have a profound impact on various industries, and the implementation of smart city will also extend the new economic market of LED display board enterprises.

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The smart city of the future is not a single node of intelligence, it is the Internet of things and the Internet of highly integrated connectivity era. This requires a terminal display platform. In all display terminals, the LED display screen can drive the IC system to display information. Interconnection can also connect such a carrier, so as to achieve a big platform of things and things, things and people, people sharing, to achieve a variety of integration. The compatibility of LED display screens has become the primary consideration for people to choose display terminals. At the same time, LED display board in the process of building with the help of smart city, further resolve their own embarrassment and shortcomings. In recent years, with the rapid development of smart display, a number of LED display enterprises grow rapidly, emerging such as abisson, lianjian optoelectronics, chau Ming and other strong development momentum of LED brands, at the same time, some lack of qualification manufacturers also in the new round of shuffle out.

When "intelligence" becomes a gimmick to consume user goodwill

Wisdom city display terminal applications are becoming more common nowadays, especially the present of 5 g huihui light pole screen, intelligent monitoring, wisdom education display, pedestrian crossing system such as application, seems to bring more opportunities to the LED display board industry, a lot of LED display screen enterprises began to explore the road of "wisdom", at the same time, also have wanted to fish in troubled waters "enterprise aimed at the wisdom shows this cake," conditional on, no conditions to create conditions also want to go to the "rush in. What's more, the introduction of "cost-effective" as the selling point of wisdom display products, in the short term is to grab the market, but such a "low price and low quality" products can not bring real changes to the user, will only consume the user of wisdom display products goodwill.

On the one hand, it is the rising enthusiasm of enterprises in the industry, while on the other hand, it is the indifference of users. "simple mobile phone control is more entertaining than practical" and "real wisdom shows that it should be used rather than connected". The whole advertising LED display industry, intelligent display can be said to be a new commercial track, technology, products are not ready to "jump the race", the user will give you a yellow card. In today's industry, there are only a few cases that can be called "smart", whether it is hardware investment or software upgrade. Hardware in place, or management is not up to date, or the industry chain is not sound, most are shelved; Software in place, or the technology is not mature, or the application is not grounded, most of them become chicken ribs. Ideal is very plump, reality is very skinny, is the current "wisdom shows" an embarrassing situation.

Wisdom shows that there is still a long way to go from ideal to reality

How can we truly tap the potential of smart LED display? That is to bring real changes to the operation process to the end customers, rather than a "smart" gimmick. To this end, LED display enterprises need to start from the following aspects. First, from smart LED display products to smart LED display scenes: to comprehensively improve the end user's operation experience, what is needed is real wisdom, from independent innovation of technology and products to the intelligence of the overall solution. Standing in the development of intelligent LED display industry of key nodes, each big wisdom screen companies need to make sure that find their own core competitiveness, based on the above, meet the needs of users (always in the pursuit of customer satisfaction, continuous insight into the potential demand of users, and then iteration to create demand through innovation, realize the value-added, * eventually LED display wisdom for different application scenarios custom solutions.

Second, the big four features lead the LED display industry iterative development of wisdom: stand in the wisdom of LED display industry new track, both in the age of wisdom, item and complete sets of high-end wisdom, is change of scene and user needs, the same is 4 big lead sexual experience:, consistency, and from technologies and products to the consistency of the overall solution design; Second, interconnection, screen to screen, between people and screen, screen and the rapid connection between things; Third, integrity, and show the perfect integration of ecological strategy brand; Fourth, iteration, hardware and software unlimited upgrade. Only by meeting these four characteristics can we further lead the development of intelligent LED display industry.

Finally, in the process of intelligentization, LED display enterprises have chosen to make cross-border innovation and rebrand. Some of them actively explore emerging markets and combine with the smart security and transportation industry, while some continue to embrace new technologies and combine with VR and AR. It is certain that, in the boom of smart city construction, although LED display screen meets the function of intelligence and the link between things, it still requires enterprises to jump out of the inherent industrial thinking to upgrade the dimension of enterprise competition, and jointly shape the core competitiveness with enterprises in the smart ecosystem, so that the traditional LED display screen industry is on the road of intelligence!


Under the new normal of "intelligent display", the trend and development of LED display industry must follow the trend and create the application scene based on the construction of smart city. This is not only the inevitable product of the industry development, but also the way to break through the existing situation under the current format of China's LED display market! LED display intelligent process is a process that has no end. With the different problems to be solved in different development stages of LED display, and with the change of market environment, the application of LED intelligent needs to be continuously optimized and deepened. Only by truly realizing intelligent LED display products and technologies, as well as scene-based solutions, can the smart display industry lead to continuous progress from basic needs and quality requirements to smart experience.