Smart Light Pole Screen And 5G Build A New Ecology

- Jun 12, 2019-

On the 6th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television. China officially entered the first year of 5G commercial use. 5G means creating a large number of small, densely distributed base stations. Therefore, it is difficult to ignore the current wisdom poles that are closely related to the 5G layout. As a new generation of urban information infrastructure including charging piles, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, LED light pole screens and other modules, the smart light pole not only shoulders the breakthrough of smart city construction, but also will become an important link in the future construction of 5G base stations. It is predicted that the installation based on 5G base stations will be able to drive the 151.2 billion smart light pole market. And among the huge dividends, can our LED light pole screen companies get a share of this?

Smart light pole screen and 5G build a new ecology

In the 5G era, with the realization of applications such as the Internet of Things, the Internet of Vehicles, and the Industrial Internet, it has meant unprecedented opportunities for industries such as industry, logistics, transportation, and energy, and has driven various enterprises to achieve digital transformation. Not only is network construction, but in terms of application innovation, relevant parties have also begun to actively deploy and build a new 5G ecosystem. Since the beginning of this year, from telemedicine, distance education to smart police stations, smart hotels, smart transportation, from driverless to VR interactive, AR live broadcast, local 5G application scenes have sprung up, showing explosive growth, people can already see The subversive changes that the future 5G will bring to everyday life.

What is closely related to our LED display industry is the construction of smart transportation. As a new product derived from intelligent transportation, the smart light pole screen is an important carrier. From the current successful wisdom light pole screen case, it can be seen that there will be countless light poles to mount 5G base stations in the future. At the same time, the smart light pole screen will also undertake the indispensable public information service function, turning into a wisdom. The city's important infrastructure shares this “big cake” with companies such as 5G and smart light poles. It must be said that the smart light pole screen + base station construction has become an irreversible development trend.

Attacking traditional outdoor advertising screens

Due to the popularity of LED large screens in outdoor advertising media, high-quality screen installation location is becoming a scarce resource for outdoor advertising; coupled with the negative impact of adverse factors such as light pollution caused by LED large screen on urban management; LED large screen outdoor installation location The approval process has become more and more complicated and difficult... Under the impetus of various factors, the development of outdoor media advertising screens has gradually become more prominent, and the demand for small-area outdoor wisdom light pole screens is gradually emerging.

As the darling of the new era of outdoor new media, the smart light pole screen has become an important information carrier for outdoor advertising and intelligent transportation with its vivid visual experience, high brightness, intelligent response and real-time communication. In the face of the convenience of content interaction and huge content consumption demand, LED light pole screen is launching a strong "offensive" signal to the entire traditional outdoor advertising market, from the content display, big data collection, functional interaction, etc., to grab consumers Attention to meet more content needs and create greater value.

Screen enterprises show their enthusiasm and cut into the smart traffic ecosystem

In fact, as the voice of 5G is expected to become higher and higher, the promotion of the smart light pole screen has become a process of pursuing intelligence, interaction, informationization and technology, and the smart light pole screen has gradually replaced the original one. The traditional way of publishing information has become the mainstream of information dissemination in the era of wisdom. Thanks to this, many LED light pole screen manufacturers choose to use the unique innovative perspective and precise positioning of the market, with the smart light pole screen as the entry point, and further integrate into the ecological circle of intelligent transportation construction. With the acceleration of urban construction and the deployment of smart street lamps, the application scene of smart street lamps needs to be continuously strengthened, and the market growth of smart light pole screens will also rise with the “small” (smart light pole screen) Bo “big” (the whole The big screen market may also become a trend in the LED display market.

For the LED light pole screen manufacturers, it is a more gratifying situation to be a small Boda. This is a good era and a bad era. At present, the development status of the smart light pole screen field is more in the “land reclamation”. This “wild land” is large enough, but the uncertainty is also large. Therefore, in addition to following the changes in the market, screen enterprises should develop Products with competitive advantages, continuous refinement and perfection, can sprint in the current huge trend and open a smart carnival. At the same time, in the expansion of the 5G small base station intensive networking and the driving advantages of the smart light pole, the screen enterprise must also fully open the production chain system, R&D system and marketing system to create a 5G era. When the demand really broke out, it took a favorable position.

In the 5G first year of the 5G commercial layout, the combination of the smart light pole screen and the depth of urban construction provides a communication carrier for the “intelligence of the city” to achieve the information transmission, and the smart street lamp constantly surpasses the traditional outdoor Advertising big screen, occupying a place in the field of outdoor advertising, and thus attracting many enterprises into the game, the wisdom light pole screen as one of the "cakes", has become the target of competition, but how to stand out among them, requires the screen enterprise to innovate in products Constantly exerting strength, looking for market focus, added value, focusing on the development of innovation and diversification, and digging into the available elements, so as to take advantage of the 5G commercial outbreak.