​Special-shaped Led Screen, Creativity Everywhere

- Nov 07, 2019-

When it comes to creativity these days, creative led display are no longer strangers. In recent years, a variety of creative led display screen in the middle of life in endlessly. We can also see various LED creative screen, such as horn screen, mitsubishi rotating screen, diamond screen, spherical screen and so on. As a representative creative display enterprise in the industry, kangshuo exhibition has completed a series of LED creative display projects this year. Ball led screen of dongwenzhuangyuan exhibition center, xinzhou district, shangrao city, jiangxi province; Creative exhibition project of wanhong square, north industrial road, licheng district, jinan city; Hong Kong listed company jianningnan group and dongguan kanglian group jointly build dongguan jiahui life square project. This series of exhibition cases not only let us see the wide application of creative led display in the market, but also let us see how to coordinate the surrounding technology and environment of creative led display screen.

The LED abnormity screen

Compared with LCD, DLP and other display products, LED has unique natural advantages in creative display. Random stitching, arbitrary shape, according to the application site, the surrounding environment to create a variety of clever display scheme. LED creativity has unlimited development space, LED creative screen has great development potential. Shenzhen rosler Latin American music awards stage creative led display. The screen was used at the Latin American music awards in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Special-shaped led screen enjoy jinding elegant hotel five xiang grand family yuan enjoy jinding elegant hotel five xiang Special-shaped led screen. Wuxiang art screen is located in the banquet hall of jinding elegant hotel, foshan, with a total area of more than 222 circles. Each ring is divided into inner ring and outer ring. Each ring can realize the whole lifting of five rings, the flexible lifting of each ring, the full free lifting effect of 2 ring arc screens, 4 ring arc screens, 2 ring 8 cylinders and 4 ring 4 cylinders. Rosli's custom display for a large KTV chain in hangzhou. The most creative special-shaped screen consists of 16 spliced triangles, each made up of four different special-shaped modules from the p4 family. Installed in the night, so that consumers have a stronger visual impact, enjoy better consumer experience.