Take You Into The Outdoor LED Advertising World!

- May 20, 2019-

With the development of science and technology, the types of outdoor advertising also show a trend of diversification. Walking in the city, in addition to the common bus advertising, bus shelter advertising, we will also see led display advertising, advertising, subway advertising......

In the following period of time, we will introduce one kind of outdoor advertising every week, and dig into the unique advantages of each kind of outdoor advertising!

Today, we are going to talk about the led display advertising in cities.


With the development of the Internet, we have entered the information explosion era, and audience attention resources have gradually become scarce resources. Led display advertising is in such a situation, gradually become one of the main outdoor advertising, it relies on the dynamic visual image dissemination of information, through the expression of images to stimulate the audience's desire to buy.

Classification is introduced

Led display advertising type

At present, LED advertising screens are mainly set up in the building facade, various squares and single columns along the road to release information and play various advertisements through the display screen.

Led display advertising is mainly divided into three categories:

The first category is large fixed led display advertising, set up by advertising operators. Mainly used for the release of all kinds of commercial advertising, content in general in accordance with the requirements of advertisers for replacement. The control system of the advertising screen is generally in the buildings near the LED billboard, and individual control through the network.


The second category is fixed but mobile led display advertising. Mainly used to broadcast news and release life, entertainment information and advertising.

The third type is small LED door head display advertising, set by the operator in the door head, mainly used to publicize business projects and release all kinds of information.

By contrast, the first type of led display advertising is more common and spreads better!

Led display advertising advantages

Fixed position can be a regional symbol.

In general, outdoor LED screen must choose a fixed space for display. Because of this feature, the outdoor LED screen can attract high attention rate with its strong visual impact, and become the geographical symbol of urban areas, so as to repeatedly disseminate information to consumers at fixed time and at fixed points.

It takes many forms.

Outdoor LED screen USES its superb sound and light technology, through the computer control, can show a variety of graphic animation, advertising and other information display in various forms: can show static screen, can also show dynamic screen; It can not only display the two-dimensional picture, but also display the three-dimensional picture, showing the wonderful effect all day long.

Diversity combination, plasticity is strong.

In addition to their own form of creative design, LED can also be combined with other materials, such as neon lights, light bulbs, inkjet light boxes, etc., using a variety of carefully designed combination, in the same advertising or information to be applied, look dynamic, give a pleasant feeling.


High arrival rate and good propagation effect.

The outdoor LED screen is direct and simple, and can release advertisements and other information 24 hours a day, with high frequency of transmission.

In addition, for a specific target audience in a fixed area, strategic media arrangement and distribution can create an ideal arrival rate and achieve good communication effect.

Led display advertising price

There are many factors that affect the advertising price of led display screen, and location is the most core factor.

The placement of led display advertisements directly determines the number of audiences that can be reached by advertisements, thus determining the propagation effect of advertisements.

Led display advertising is a fixed form of outdoor advertising, and its advertising coverage is limited. To reach more target audiences within a limited range, the larger the traffic per unit time, the better. Generally speaking, in a city, the area with large flow of people per unit time is usually the downtown or near the main road.

These advantages in the location of LED advertising spread better, but the price is often higher. Led display advertising prices in urban core areas are quite different from those in non-core areas.

In general, the price of outdoor advertising is an inevitable issue, the price of advertising to a certain extent will affect the advertising strategy of advertisers. For advertisers, only on the basis of understanding, in order to achieve the maximum benefit of advertising, in order to really reduce the advertising "ineffective waste".