The Application Of LED Display In Military Field

- Jul 16, 2019-

Mention the article, a lot of people * impression is "high quality" and "advanced technology", in the popular mind, the product has always been synonymous with "quality" and "technology", however, as in recent years, the country will of military equipment and other military goods production equipment and personnel to civilian production of "conversion", and open the non-public economy into the product market, which in the boundaries between military and civilian goods is becoming more and more fuzzy, but was born in the era of market economy LED display, small spacing between these two markets are more like a heterogeneous, In addition to higher quality requirements, military products are actually not much different from ordinary civilian products.

China has a vast territory and complex terrain and climate. From the qinghai-tibet plateau to the hills of south China, there is a huge gap between them. Different environments in different regions also lead to different requirements on LED display quality in different regions. For plateau mountainous areas, it is more focused on the requirements of cold resistance; In desert and gobi region, heat dissipation is the main concern. Therefore, how to meet the different emphasis of weather resistance in different regions is a key issue for every enterprise that wants to enter the military market.

Due to the particularity of military supplies, the procurement requirements for LED display screens are less sensitive to price, while the requirements for quality and weather resistance are higher. This means that the threshold to enter the military LED display market is much higher than that of the civilian market, and the "high standards and strict requirements" for quality mean that not all relevant enterprises can get a share of the military market. Any enterprise trying to occupy a place in the military market must make great efforts to build its comprehensive strength, product competitiveness and brand communication effectiveness, otherwise it will not only lose this potential market, but also lose its influence in the high-end application market.

With the advancement of China's military modernization construction, the application of LED display in army building, also began to more and more widely, military training, military training and military exercises, and daily command combat defense information such as all play a role of the major power increasing, the rapid development of the national defense information construction at the same time also for the application of small spacing LED display market to add a new position. Take the command center as an example. As the "brain" of the wartime army, the combat command center carries the important tasks of relevant information concentration, processing, and the issuing of combat instructions, and requires high confidentiality of information. Therefore, the electronic equipment adopted by the command center must be fully localized.

LED display is small spacing in the military projects around the rapid popularization, the reason to remove the brightness range, flexible application, flat-fell seam physical properties, such as high degree of localization and related technology, LED display and small spacing can have such a high degree of localization, and has close ties with the use of military. Looking back at the development of small spacing LED display, small spacing LED display to early application scenarios, is in various command centers, early small spacing LED display because the technology is not mature, can not be large-scale production, the price is up to tens of thousands of per square meter, civil market is difficult to accept. It is precisely because the military has higher requirements for information security and quality than for price that LED display technology with small spacing develops smoothly. Based on the military market, LED display technology is gradually improved and developed, and promoted to the civilian market step by step.

Nowadays, compared with the core patents of DLP and LCD splicing held by foreign brands, China ranks in the forefront in the field of small-spacing LED display and has mastered the complete technical scheme, which is also the advantage of small-spacing LED display in the field of national defense. In recent years, small spacing LED display has accumulated a large number of cases in the military field, for example: the application of zhouming UTV2.5 small spacing LED in the combat command center of an army in xinjiang military region; The application of lianjian photoelectric PH2.5 small spacing LED in the conference room of a PLA unit; Liard P1.667 small spacing LED application in shijiazhuang army staff college; CAI yida PH1.9 small spacing LED application in a department of Beijing general staff; Dongshan precision P1.667 small spacing LED application in a meeting room of nanjing military area command; Sansi 1.6mm small spacing LED in xichang satellite launch center applications.

Part of the LED display enterprise in our country for a long time, satisfied with the price war, using low price to occupy the market, therefore, the pursuit of enter the product market for the enterprise, on the one hand can change attaches great importance to the low price for a long time to ignore the thought of product quality, expand ideas, and on the other hand, can help enterprises to establish the brand influence, eliminated some low quality enterprises under the market selection, helps industry's healthy development. In the future, with the increasing localization of military equipment, LED displays, especially small-spacing LED displays, will surely enjoy a broader application space in the field of military products.