The Bank LED Screen Fell Almost Lead To Disaster Safety Alarm Bell Should Always Sound

- Aug 06, 2019-

Around 11:46 am on July 12, 2019, the LED display screen above the main entrance of daye branch of a bank in cen xi, guangxi province suddenly fell, hitting a child running back and forth at the entrance of the branch. After the incident, daye branch immediately reported to the town government, the police station, the first time the injured to the hospital for preliminary examination, and then the injured to the cenxi people's hospital for general examination. After the accident, the bank concerned attaches great importance to the head office leaders quickly rushed to the daye branch to understand the situation and conduct investigation of the cause of the accident. According to the analysis of the falling parts and the confirmation of the LED screen manufacturer, the preliminary judgment is that the steel nails used in the installation are not strong enough to loosen and cannot bear the weight of the LED screen, resulting in the overall fall.

LED safety accidents happen frequently

Coincidentally, in recent years, with the rapid development of LED display market, LED display has become a favorite display equipment of outdoor advertising media with many advantages. Everything, however, every advantage has its disadvantage, and LED display can present a unparalleled display effect, but as a large electronic products, LED display the safe hidden trouble in recent years also show leakage, no doubt, on October 29, 2015, guangxi sports stadium, jolin concert is on stage, LED display, together with the lamp suddenly collapsed, it is understood that has killed one person and injuring more than 10; In early 2019, xiao jingteng's "Mr. Entertainment world tour" concert in kaohsiung was in the middle of a rehearsal when a large LED display fell off in front of the audience on the left side of the stage.

Fortunately, in this accident, the injured boy, after a detailed examination by the doctor, has a slight bruise on the head, red ankle, other is not serious, is in hospital for observation. However, we can not be happy about this, LED screen safety accidents are common, when can we stop? Every tragic accident scene warns us of the importance of the safety of LED display. Especially for LED display manufacturers, it has become the vision of the whole industry to continuously improve the product performance and professional installation operators, reduce or even eliminate the probability of casualties caused by LED large screen.

The sudden uncontrollable industry order must be standardized

Although authorities * will eventually give an authoritative account of the cause of the accident, we would like to say that imperfect measures and irregular operation are not only problems of construction technology, but also the abnormal industrial order and lack of effective supervision. Although cause an accident to have certain contingency, but it is inevitable.

We found that in recent years, whether domestic or foreign, LED display safety accidents occur frequently, most of which are directly related to the quality of LED display and its construction technology. LED display screen, as a powerful weapon for outdoor media publicity and an essential basic equipment for stage performance, needs to be strengthened, tested and confirmed repeatedly in the aspects of construction, hanging and layout. It is impossible to complete customs clearance in one step. This requires a specialized, professional design and construction team to formulate scientific construction plan, at the same time also need safety, bidding, construction supervision, industry associations and manufacturers, engineering and technical personnel, according to their respective division of labor, to standardize the order of industry, attach importance to and improve the process, in strict accordance with the technical standards to implement, to put an end to this kind of accidents.

Oppose low price competition to improve product quality

In addition, in order to eliminate the LED display screen in safe hidden trouble, in addition to the LED display engineering technical personnel at the scene of correct installation and use, little also not manufacturers in product drudgery, should also be called on screen are opposed to the "price war", to the healthy development of LED display industry, must attach importance to quality, healthy competition market share.

Price war is a way to gain market share at the cost of squeezing profits, which is no different from draining the pond to catch fish and burning forests to hunt. Long-term low price sales, the screen enterprise profits will naturally reduce, profit reduction, the enterprise will reduce the investment in research and development, marketing, management and other fields, resulting in the lack of development momentum, which also affects the quality of products. Although in the short term, depreciate sales promotion can help a lot of LED enterprises to clear inventory, alleviate the pressure of the capital, but from a long-term perspective, because of serious product homogeneity, low technical content, so it is difficult to form a fixed supply and demand, once the supply and demand balance is broken, it will be cheaper to take to stimulate the market for survival, if LED companies turn to every time the price war, it will no doubt greatly hit the innovative consciousness and subjective initiative of the enterprise.

Admittedly, behind every incident touched the hearts of the ten million people behind each project is dependent on the LED display manufacturers, design, engineering, construction personnel, and the joint efforts of regulators, to ensure the safety of the LED display application stability, every link cannot be discontinued, need everyone pulling together. No one is willing to have an accident, but how to ensure safety rather than empty slogans, which requires the systematic management of every detail, professional construction operators, standardized process order, multi-directional control of product quality. Safety alarm bell is ringing all the time, all LED industry people must be vigilant, more one point of awe, less one point of luck.