The Best Thing About Taxis Is That They Have Such A Powerful LED Screen On The Roof

- Jul 29, 2019-

Urban transportation tools for the city people to bring a lot of convenience, next small make up for the taxi. It can be seen everywhere in the streets and lanes. As we all know, there is an LED screen on the roof of a taxi, which may be the first reaction of many people to advertise. But is the LED screen really as simple as advertising? The old driver said that the most powerful taxi equipment is the roof of the LED screen; The net friend listened to exclamation: "function unexpectedly so powerful", so we first listen to old driver how say!

With the continuous development of modern technology and technology, these technologies have also been applied to life. The billboard, however, "tells a different story." At present, in order to strengthen the management of taxis, many cities have installed GPS positioning system and special LED roof lights for taxis. And where is this new equipment? At present, in some cities, the taxi roof LED screen can be used to check the status of the vehicle, the driving track and the condition of the occupants at any time. In addition, the driver is equipped with an alarm device, which will display a distress signal on the roof LED screen if the alarm device is triggered.

From this point of view, this device virtually guarantees the safety of the driver. Software and satellite positioning can also be used to locate lost items if a passenger is left behind. However, such taxi roof LED screens are only available in some cities, while other cities still use old-fashioned LED screens with few functions. "If this measure is put in place, the safety of drivers and passengers will be greatly improved," said one user. In addition, it is also difficult to install and replace the original LED screens in some cities, with a large base number and high cost.

However, the corresponding safety factor and convenience factor will be greatly increased. Every year, a large number of passengers drop things in the car, but the driver cannot contact the passengers, and the passengers cannot find the driver. However, the LED roof screen is equipped with such a function, which helps the passengers find the taxi and find their own things. The second is that many non-local passengers take a taxi, the driver may listen to the foreign accent with passengers detour; However, this LED screen can clearly reflect the track of driving records, so that if passengers complain about the driver taking a detour, they will not get into the embarrassing situation without evidence, nor will they wrongfully accuse the driver. It is believed that it will be popularized and promoted nationwide in the near future.

To be honest, the editor is still looking forward to the nationwide promotion of this day, to strengthen the management of taxis, to ensure the safety of passengers, but also to protect the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. Regarding this, what do you think about the LED overhead light equipment of taxis, which has the functions of positioning, monitoring, publicity and alarm? Are you looking forward to the day of national promotion?