The Development Trend Of Smart Transportation Led Display

- May 27, 2020-

The new infrastructure is called a new type of infrastructure construction. It mainly strengthens the construction of 5G base stations, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet. Based on the network, facing the needs of high-quality development, it provides an infrastructure system that provides services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrades, and integrated innovation. Among the seven major areas, the construction of transportation accounts for a relatively large amount. In other words, the construction of the transportation field will become one of the key directions for future national efforts. The monitoring and display, command and dispatch centers, and traffic guidance displays that are closely related to the transportation network will also Followed by the wind. With the smaller and smaller dot pitch of the LED display screen, the display is more delicate and the function is more and more intelligent, the LED video display for traffic display application will become the general trend.


LED display traffic application market

In the traffic led display screen market, LED displays are mainly used for information display in bus stations, railway stations, airports, high-speed rail stations, bus platforms, port and terminal construction, and transportation. Favored, it can be made into command and monitoring center displays, urban traffic lights, highway LED variable information boards, LED variable speed limit signs, traffic guidance LED displays, variable traffic information signs and other LED video display products. Among them, the fields such as command and control center display, traffic guidance LED display screen, highway LED variable information board and other fields are the most widely used and mature in large-screen display.

According to statistics, the market scale of LED video display traffic display applications in 2019 is 3.77 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of approximately 15.7%. Under the background of the country's vigorous development of transportation infrastructure construction, the country's subway lines for first- and second-tier cities have extended. Increased investment in the construction of transportation infrastructure in third- and fourth-tier cities, as well as the further promotion of the construction of smart cities The compound growth rate from 2019 to 2023 will reach 14.6%, and the overall trend of steady and steady growth will be maintained.

Command and dispatch center LED video display application

In the huge transportation network of modern transportation, it is necessary to rely on the deployment system as a cooperation to know the status of roads and vehicles, adjust in time, and ensure the smoothness of the road. At present, the main display equipment of the monitoring and deployment system on the market is the LED video display, DLP and LCD screen. However, compared with the LED display, the problems of small size display and obvious stitching of the DLP and LCD are its biggest defects. DLP, LCD, and LED display screen have poor gray scale, high brightness, and high cost, which are the limitations of their use in traffic command centers. However, after years of development, small-pitch LED displays have matured application scenarios and technologies, and prices have dropped.

Under the impact of the epidemic this year, many small-pitch LED displays in the industry have begun to reduce prices. With the further reduction in cost prices and the further maturity of the industrial chain, the price advantages of DLP and LCD will no longer exist. Delicate, seamless splicing and large-size display, small-pitch LED video displays will occupy the traffic display field in the future. Not only that, the traffic command and dispatch center is just a need for traffic monitoring in each county-level city and above, and there are 34 provincial-level administrative regions and prefecture-level cities in China: 334, county-level administrative regions 2,876, a total of 3000+ traffic command center markets Still waiting for the excavation of screen enterprises. In the ongoing two sessions, two-seventh of the rail transit construction, as the current smarter traffic dispatch system in China, will continue to increase with the acceleration of the new infrastructure. Demand will also rise.

Traffic guidance and demand for highway LED variable information boards climb

The main application scenarios of the traffic guidance screen and the highway LED variable information board are the first-level highways in the city. Due to the complex and diverse outdoor environment, the outdoor traffic display requires the display to clearly display roads, traffic, etc. in poor weather Information, in addition to light control and other functions, it also needs to have high protection, lightning protection and other functions to ensure the normal release of information. It is required to be able to work 24 hours a day Quality requirements in terms of performance and service life are high. The new generation of super-protection technology GOB technology for LED display in China can be waterproof, moisture-proof, sun-proof and bump-proof from the root cause. It is very suitable for traffic guidance and the demand of highway LED variable information board, which is conducive to the increase of outdoor traffic The permeability shown. With the improvement of LED display recognition, high-brightness outdoor display and excellent protection performance, more and more roads use traffic guidance screens and highway LED variable information boards as display devices. And the demand for highway LED variable information boards is gradually increasing.

With the advancement of road construction in China, the number of roads has increased, so China's market for traffic guidance screens and highway LED variable information boards has also increased. According to statistics from the Ministry of Transport, the total mileage of highways in the country has been increasing since 2010. As of the end of 2019, the total mileage of highways nationwide was 5.0125 million kilometers, an increase of 166 thousand kilometers over the previous year. The road density is 52.21 km / 100 km2, an increase of 1.73 km / 100 km2. With the increase in investment and emphasis on infrastructure construction in China, the construction of expressways has also shown a steady growth. The mileage of expressways is 149,600 kilometers, an increase of 0.7 thousand kilometers. The increase in the number of roads each year is also a huge market gap for traffic guidance screens and highway LED variable information boards.

Of course, the application of LED display screen in the field of transportation is not limited to the above-mentioned fields, but China's screen companies mainly focus on R & D and production of large-size LED display screens. In the context of the past smart city policy promotion and the strengthening of China's flat road construction, the demand for LED display screens between command and dispatch centers, traffic guidance screens and highway LED variable information boards has increased, and this year's new infrastructure strategy has promoted The application of LED video display in the transportation field will be further improved.