The Growth Of Outdoor Digital Signage Market

- Jul 16, 2020-

As we all know, LED video displays have always been in the king position in the field of large led screen, and also have the advantages of seamless splicing, modularity, flexibility and other advantages, coupled with the development of small-pitch technology in the past two years and various display solutions in the industry. The maturity and the use of new materials have led the LED display to develop in the direction of thinness and lightness. These changes are in line with the future development trend of the digital signage market. These signs show that the current LED display has a great growth in the field of digital signage space.


1. The field of outdoor advertising: LCD, OLED and other display technologies are "dead to light", and LED display is the king of natural outdoor display. At the same time, the flexibility and module characteristics of LED display can make the expression of digital signage more variable. At the same time, diversified LED screens such as innovative screens, splicing screens, etc. also bring a variety of independent choices for the "facelift" of retail house numbers (digital signage). With the increasing popularity of technology, it is a good choice whether it is from the perspective of a charming city or from the perspective of cost.


2. Commercial window area: The advantages of LED digital signage in the field of commercial display are gradually increasing. As far as the transparent screen is concerned, recently, with the progress of technology and the continuous emergence of innovative products, such as the LEDs seen at the Shanghai International LED Exhibition Double-sided transparent screen, and interactive LED transparent digital signage incorporating the latest infrared, face recognition, somatosensory technology, 3D/VR and other technologies. It can not only meet the diverse display needs of different products, but also beautify the shopping environment, and its interaction can also enhance the customer's shopping experience and help the store complete the sales.


3. Education display field: "In the long run, the growth of digital signage revenue will be driven by the increase in demand for large-size displays, especially in the field of education and enterprises." The application of multimedia in the education field has always been very limited Sex, for example, teachers are tied up in front of computers, it is difficult to interact with students in real time. With the advent of the era of universal smart education, LED screen companies can make full use of digital signage to have powerful system functions and rich intelligent interactive applications, and shine in the field of education.


Of course, there are the hottest LED digital signage advertising machines nowadays, which is also one of the focuses of LED display screens in the field of digital signage. With the innovation and development of the digital signage industry, the display requirements have also changed, which has also achieved a high degree of overlap with the diversified development direction of LED display applications. With the rapid development of the global digital signage industry, the LED display industry will also benefit from it. Especially in the past two years, the technology of small-pitch LED display has been widely used and recognized. Some industry insiders believe that the application of digital signage advertising machines may become the best battlefield for small-pitch LED display.


In recent years, LED direct emitting display products with high brightness, high contrast, high response speed, customizable, and strong protection have been used in large scenes, and the outdoor application market for remote viewing can be described as wind and water. It has grown into the preferred display product in the outdoor sports, transportation and building advertising markets. At the same time, the entire industry has been working to reduce the chip size and pixel pitch. With the improvement of product resolution, small-pitch LED display products began to enter the indoor market and began to compete with LCD splicing walls and industrial projection products. In 2019, LCD and LED direct-illumination display technologies have already met in the "semi-outdoor" market, especially in retail and public places.

In addition to the regular comparison of LCD and LED technologies in terms of resolution and stitching, OMDIA believes that analyzing brightness specifications can provide a more interesting comparison of these technologies in the "outdoor" market. Usually people will ask "Is LED more advantageous in brightness?" It seems that, however, due to the advancement of liquid crystal panel technology, LCD can now also provide products with a brightness of more than 4000 nits without any technical difficulties. Therefore, it is difficult to say that LEDs are stronger than LCDs in the brightness level of the outdoor market.

At present, the price of outdoor LED display screens with a dot pitch of 2-5mm has approached or is superior to high-brightness LCD products, but for small-pitch products with higher pixel specifications, the price is higher than LCD products. Therefore, the major companies in the LED industry are trying to reduce the price difference and seize more market share. With this original intention, Leyard, a leading video display manufacturer that has been a leader in the small pitch field, recently launched 1.5mm and 1.9mm dot pitch products for the outdoor application market. It is foreseeable that the competition between LED and LCD outdoors will become more intense.