The LED Display Has An Accident Again, And The Security Issue Is Ringing Again.

- Sep 17, 2019-

So far this year, LED screens have been the subject of numerous safety incidents, ranging from fires, to flooded stages, to collapsing screens, and poor display content. These security incidents are not only likely to hurt people, but are also undermining people's confidence in the safety of LED displays and causing heavy losses to end users. In the case that people's understanding of LED display is not thorough enough, it is more necessary for enterprises and people to lead by example to inform people of the security of LED display and eliminate people's potential misunderstanding of the security of LED display.

LED display is blown down, engineers need to strengthen the firmness of installation

An outdoor music festival in Germany was hit by a strong storm on the night of August 31, local time. This is not the first such accident this year. On July 7 and 12, an LED display in a bank fell due to weak installation, injuring children walking under the screen. The types of security incidents are different, but it is true that soon after the LED display again occurred security incidents. Even if it is not the product quality problem, the endless safety accidents still discourage people's confidence in using LED displays and make people question the safety performance of LED displays. Although the accident of this music festival has nothing to do with installation, it also warns end users that they need to strengthen the firmness of LED display screen installation, reduce the influence of bad weather on LED display screen, and enhance the safety of LED display screen, so as not to hurt the masses.

Content security into the turning point, the future will become the industry's key development direction

LED display industry has a long history of development, but its security content problem started late, has no time to pay attention to, until nearly two years, the content security issue was put forward by the industry, and content security was discussed and developed. On August 28, the ministry of industry and information technology and other departments issued guidance on strengthening industrial Internet security, clarifying the goal of establishing an initial industrial Internet security guarantee system by the end of 2020. As one of the subdivisions of Internet security, the issuance of this opinion is undoubtedly an official announcement to strengthen the content security of LED display, representing the subsequent strict inspection of LED display content by all departments, and also representing that the content security of LED display is taking shape. Industry insiders said, in addition to * recent events in Hong Kong, and soon after the 70th anniversary of the founding of the country, government departments will strengthen the content security of LED display, this year will be a major turning point in the history of content security. However, some domestic enterprises have developed relatively mature control systems, which set up double secret keys through mobile APP to ensure that content control does not fall into the hands of others. In addition, the APP requires real-name authentication, so that relevant departments can find the sender accurately and punish the sender in case of an incident. LED screen enterprises can refer to and purchase products to enhance the security of LED display. Under the promotion of the country and the industry, the LED content display in the future will develop at full speed and become one of the key directions of the industry development.

From the above analysis, the security of the LED display, not a company or enterprise in the field of a dint to, but a common to article LED display the whole industry chain collaboration, manufacturers need to strengthen quality control, the downstream end users need to strengthen to strengthen the supervisor, concentric, maintain security of LED display image.