The LED Display Industry Patent War Is Intensifying Or Will Trigger A New Round Of Market Reshuffle

- Jul 01, 2019-

Market like battlefield, intellectual property is a tool, however, at the beginning of the LED display industry, the LED screen company intellectual property protection consciousness is weak, cause the hardships of the enterprise to apply for patent "exile" to the market, competing enterprises imitate, misappropriation, once causing confusion in the LED display industry intellectual property market, and let those who pay attention to technology research and development of enterprises are suffering. Fortunately, in the increasingly prosperous brand economy of the present, the protection of patents, seeking business opportunities, has become a consensus of more and more enterprises, LED screen companies have taken up the legal weapon to protect intellectual property rights. As a result, an LED display industry patent fight intensified, and may even trigger a new round of market reshuffle.

Domestic and foreign markets "right and left attack" LED screen enterprise patent awareness

LED screen 'patent consciousness awakening, based on the transformation and upgrading of the whole LED display industry, with the development of industry mature, saturated markets, traditional low price competition, channel expansion, marketing and rapid mode of operation has been unable to adapt to the market development, LED companies want a share in the heated market competition, we must pay attention to the product value, premium, product innovation and technology research and development, the level of competition between enterprises from product, technology war rose to patent battle. Who has advanced product technology and production technology, on the next stage of the competition to take the initiative, therefore, no one will miss this show "wrist" opportunity.


At the same time, due to the continuous promotion of China's LED display industry overseas, China has become a global leader in LED display production, and domestic LED display enterprises occupy an important position in the world. In order to curb China's development, developed countries LED by the United States have formulated a series of measures to strangle Chinese LED enterprises in the overseas process, among which the intellectual property barrier is one of the effective measures. This year on March 27, the United States Ultravision Technologies on the basis of "the 1930 year tax law" section 337 regulation, apply to the United States international trade commission charges, charges, exports to the us in the United States imported or sold in the U.S. LED lamp driver and its components for patent infringement, request generally ruled out by the us international trade commission and the restraining order. Among them, abison, aotuo electronics, lehman optoelectronics, Shanghai sansi, zhou Ming technology, yuanheng optoelectronics, liade, lianjian optoelectronics and other 11 display enterprises have become involved in the lawsuit.

Under the attack of domestic and foreign market environment, patent war is on the verge of breaking out in China's LED display industry. A number of leading enterprises in the industry have successively won a number of related patents and enforced the protection of enterprises' intellectual property rights by legal means to safeguard their own interests. It can be seen that, at present, both upstream and downstream application level enterprises pay more and more attention to patent rights, and are more and more determined to protect patent property rights.

Strong constant strong trend triggered a new round of industry shuffle

To pick up the patent umbrella, is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for the large scale, research and development technology and products with * advantages of LED display enterprises, enterprises can be assured to participate in scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, for the enterprise to build a patent technology "moat". At the same time, under the support of technology, enterprises accelerate the frequency of LED display products upgrading, which can continuously output high-quality products for the market, and provide customers with more comprehensive services, greatly promoting the benign development of LED display industry.

On the other hand, enterprises can take patents as an important way of product publicity, which not only protects patents from being infringed by others, but also fully highlights the advantages of patent itself, such as uniqueness and innovation, so as to endue products with higher value. No matter product selling price or competitiveness, it will have a greater improvement. Some products even directly on the packaging marked patent number, the price is often higher than similar products, patents can increase the value of enterprise products.

There is no denying that, however, the patent competition in LED display industry for small and medium enterprises in a large-scale "stressed out" undoubtedly, patent research and development of enterprise funds, after all, the demand is higher, the need for continuous r&d, expensive operation cost of enterprise, it makes no strong precipitation funds and technology as the support of small and medium-sized enterprises and the heart is unable to do.

And what this means is that as China's LED display industry upgrading transformation, optimization of the technology and patent competition intensified, the industry leading enterprises under the wing of the patent protection is stronger and stronger industry stronger situation will more obvious, and with the product homogeneityphenomenon weakened gradually, and the terminal market consumption regression rationality, "price war" has not become a "killer app" of small and medium-sized enterprises fight for market share, there is no profit margins and sales support, evolution will be their only way out, directly to accelerate the LED display industry a new round of reshuffle.

Heavy innovation, strong research and development patent road obstruction and long

Intellectual property is the brand of an enterprise, so brand value can be fed back to the enterprise, so that the enterprise can better focus on research and development, so that a virtuous circle can be formed between the brand, enterprise and research and development, which is also the lifeblood of China's economy in the future. LED display companies need to strengthen their awareness of intellectual property protection, so that their r&d and innovation can stand firm in the world.


Although China's LED display industry has a huge market volume and can be said to be the global industry leader in terms of technology and products, it does not mean that the development of China's LED display industry is carefree. In terms of technological innovation and patent strength, China's LED display industry is still a laggard. Therefore, as the owner of technological innovation, in order to win the first place in the patent dispute, it is necessary to strengthen the awareness of LED display enterprises and all Chinese enterprises of patent protection. Once there is a new technological invention, it is necessary to apply for a patent immediately, so as not to be overtaken by others and miss the opportunity to own a patent.

In addition, for LED enterprises * important, * effective but also * stupid method, is to strengthen research and development innovation. No matter the patent acquisition or the establishment of industrial alliances, they are all based on the mutual benefit of both parties or multiple parties, and cannot be completely autonomous and controllable. Only research and development this one way, can be independent control, how much to invest, all by themselves. However, the investment in research and development is not immediate, the return period is long, the enterprise's long-term strategic deployment is a test.

At present, LED display screen enterprises playing patent war has entered the depth of development stage. Abroad, the use of patent wars siege competitors already very mature, the protection of patent, pay royalties are very high, but still in infancy in China, so in general, the Chinese LED display industry of road way resistance and long, each screen companies still need to continuously break through the bottleneck of technology, product innovation, the technologies, products, solutions and so on innovation as a key development, linkage industry chain upstream and downstream, to strengthen the technical basis for the development of industry, improve industry core competitiveness. At the same time, we should also pay attention to enhance the "patent" soft power of screen enterprises, so as to gain an advantage in the future market competition.

In general, only continuous investment and innovation in technology are effective weapons for LED display enterprises to protect themselves. Enterprises need to make their patented technologies bigger and stronger fundamentally, strengthen their technological innovation strength and obtain more patent protection, so as to stand out from the current round of patent shuffling mode and not be eliminated