The LED Movie Screen Market

- Aug 11, 2020-

Cinema LED displays have always been a niche market, and cinema displays are one of the niche applications of ultra-small spacing LED display products, with many industry players struggling to grab a larger share.

For the film industry, which has been suspended for nearly half a year, this cinema restart is no less important than timely help. It is of great significance to the survival and development of film industry enterprises, as well as to meet people's demand for watching films. And if the vision will be extended to the restart of the big screen display industry enterprises of the healthy development is no doubt also cannot ignore the significance.

The LED movie screen market will eventually explode

For example, based on the continuous optimization of pixel spacing and imaging quality, as well as the market expansion demand of going out of the dispatching room to a wider application field, cinemas have become the starting point for small space LED screen enterprises to enter the film industry in recent years. On the one hand, it continues to launch large-screen products with small spacing LED cinema that conform to DCI specifications and can meet cinema applications. On the other hand, it actively promotes the landing of cinemas with small-spacing LED screens in many places around the world, and drives the application process of small-spacing LED cinemas by synchronously generating power between the product end and the application end. And this domestic cinema restart, no doubt for the acceleration of this process is of great benefit.


Similarly, small spacing LED screen enterprises, in order to actively promote the process of small spacing LED home on another route, in recent years, related enterprises have also been in line with the household standards of small spacing LED TV, home theater and other products by achieving higher resolution on a smaller size. This kind of product, which is usually around 100 inches, has a more obvious advantage in film projection and is deeply influenced by the film industry. This cinema industry restart will undoubtedly help to reheat the attention of consumers to blockbusters, and then drive the attention of home theater, which is beneficial to the promotion process of large LED screen for home use to a certain extent.

LED movie screen to popularize, need to overcome the obstacles

In fact, the current attitude of cinemas towards LED movie screens is not based on "LED screen technology, focusing on publicity characteristics such as brightness, HDR and color", but based on "competitive selection", trying new technological products under the premise of controllable cost and risk. Really decide whether movie field, therefore, can be developed on a large scale key or "system cost" : a quality in exquisiteness, continuity of excellent LED system, are often higher than the projector product prices, for the model of benchmarking screens that is not a problem, but for popularizing market, who occupy the cost advantage to occupy the market.

As is known to all, the performance and price of LED movie screen, which is mainly subject to the cost of LED as a semiconductor emitting components, follow the "Moore's Law" to a certain extent. The performance improvement and price decline are the rule. Meanwhile, with the entry of Chinese manufacturers, this process will be accelerated. We have every reason to expect that LED movie screens will serve as the infrastructure for the new form of cinema projection and the innovation of the new business mode of cinema.


The advent of LED movie screens has opened a new door, which is undoubtedly a huge emerging market. Anything new, however, needs to grow in the face of skepticism. In many cases, the question is not the denial of the matter, but the hope that it can be further developed. The issue of LED movie screen is full of "wait and see, try and try" and other action factors of different camps. How far the final LED movie screen can go depends more on the "practical test" of effect, cost and stability. Samsung, LG and other domestic and foreign manufacturers have made a big push into the film market, which is a good beginning, but after the beginning, there is still a lot of market and technical work to be done. There is still a long way to go before LED film screens are a real threat to projection projectors.

From a technical point of view, in terms of brightness, LED display performance is difficult to match the traditional projector. LED displays have high brightness due to their spontaneous light, while the projector's light will inevitably decrease in brightness after being refracted and projected. And compared with the latter's natural disadvantage of having to strictly control the light of the cinema to avoid compromising the brightness of the screen, LED screens have almost no problems even when used outdoors, let alone indoors. In terms of color performance, the traditional screen can only be compared with it. Based on different luminous principles, LED screen has a broad color range, with 1024-4096 grayscale control, and the colors are clear and realistic. With the implementation of the ULTRA hd display industry and the 4K/8K development plan, LED movie screens require the picture resolution to reach 4K level, and make comprehensive progress in picture details, frame rate, color, depth of field, dynamic range, etc., so that the audience will have a sense of immersion and bring a truly attractive viewing experience.

Because of the excellent display performance of LED display screen also provides a better possibility for the diversified operation of cinema. Such as "movie + catering" mode. The food here is not the traditional movie + popcorn/drink format. It's the real diet. In the past, when the film began to be shown, the screens are dark, is not easy to find their own seat, but in the hall of LED display, you can avoid this situation, the LED display for its spontaneous and highlight the characteristics of light, the screens are not too dark, in this condition, the cinema can "film + catering service for the audience, but also can better realize the 3 d projection, film screening, content of e-sports, concerts, events such as relay, etc.

Cost and other factors to overcome the future of LED movie screen

From the point of the film industry, the current domestic construction need to upgrade or modification of cinema is not a few, in the face of the LED movie screen of many advantages, but in the concrete introduced the most conservative attitude on this problem, indeed, the current LED movie screen prices are relatively high, compared with the projector, which make the cost of a much larger percentage of the hall. In today's market under the condition of bad environment, the domestic many cinemas have no incentive to introduce it, individual conditional more highlight its advanced and high-end theater facilities, but also have the personage inside course of study says if domestic LED display brand can enter the cinema market, prices are expected to have fallen sharply, under the precondition of cost and risk control, to try new technology products. Therefore, the key factor that really determines whether the film industry can develop on a large scale is the input cost.

Nevertheless, the performance and price of LED movie screen, which is mainly limited by the cost of LED as a semiconductor emitting components, follow the "Moore's Law" to a certain extent. The performance improvement and price decline are the rule. With the entry of Chinese manufacturers, this process will be accelerated. It is reasonable to expect that LED movie screens will serve as the infrastructure for the new form of screening and operation of cinemas.

Open cinema market in the outbreak era, the state film bureau, is an important step to promote economic recovery, will greatly promote including LED movie theaters and other hardware facilities, market development, in the cinema today under the background of fierce competition, a LED display screens as experience marketing point of "differentiation" is worth looking forward to its future development, and LED the movie screen, how, how far you could walk more depend on the display effect, cost and stability of the practice test. The curtain of 4K/8K technology and ultra-small spacing applications has been opened, and it is only a matter of time before the LED movie screen market will usher in an outbreak.