The Main Role Of Fixed LED Video Display In The Security Monitoring Center

- Jan 25, 2019-

In the security monitoring center, the dispatch center is its main core, and the Fixed LED Video Display is the main link of the human-computer interaction of the whole dispatching system. The scheduling adjustment of personnel and the decision-making of the plan need to be completed in this process. Among them, it has a dominant position. The Fixed LED Video Display system is mainly used for data information collection and sharing, human-computer interaction assisted decision-making, real-time monitoring of information data, and video conferencing.

1, real-time monitoring, 24 hours of uninterrupted supervision

The Fixed LED Video Display system requires 640x960 hours of continuous operation, which requires a very high quality. Even during the monitoring display, even one second can not be missed, because any emergency can happen at any time. The scheduling system's control program for various data is the focus of the entire scheduling work to ensure the timeliness and control of the scheduling work.

2, assist decision-making, collect information for high-definition display system

Fixed LED Video Display needs to collect and sort out various information collected by the system, as well as the analysis and calculation results of various models, in the most concise and intuitive form according to the needs of decision makers, or display some monitoring images, which also requires Fixed LED. Video Display has a high-definition display. With the advancement of technology, the small-pitched Fixed LED Video Display has been widely used, and there is no pressure on the HD display. In this way, it is beneficial for decision makers to quickly and accurately understand the current situation, analyze and judge the advantages and disadvantages of various scheduling schemes, and assist them to make better decisions.