The New Trend Of HD Led Screen

- Jul 09, 2020-

As one of the key products exported by Chinese led video display companies in recent years, small pitch has greatly helped the performance of Chinese LED screen companies. In 2020, affected by the epidemic, the domestic market demand plummeted, and overseas exports were also blocked, giving led video display companies performance It has caused huge losses. At the same time, the development of the small pitch led screen industry has also been hit, sweeping the previous "thunder" trend, but from the perspective of the overall development of the industry, the current small-pitch LED screen is showing a new development trend...


The growth rate slowed down significantly, and competition became fierce

There is no doubt that for the HD LED screen industry, the slowdown in growth has become a fact, especially the impact of this year's epidemic, and the global market has been hit hard. At the same time, the profitability of small-pitch led screen companies also has a clear concept of decline. In recent years, as more and more screen companies have joined, the competition in the small-pitch led screen market has become fierce. In addition to the continuous optimization of costs by led video display companies and the overcapacity of upstream chips, which have lowered the price of terminal products, etc. The trend of "war" is becoming increasingly obvious.

In the past two years, the price of small pitches has fallen again and again, which has also intensified the cost competition pressure of the entire industry, especially compressing the profit level of the head enterprises. Small pitches are entering the "poor alley", which is also accelerating more and more Actively or passively started to innovate technology, Mini/MicroLED technology became popular.

As indicated by industry experts, this round of small-pitch led screen profit declines represents a highly mature market, and is also a necessary process for prompting screen companies to start reforming and adapting to the new stage of industrial transformation and upgrading. Among them, exploring strategies such as extending the industrial chain, strengthening application-side capabilities, and actively expanding overseas markets are of great reference to many led video display companies.

led video wall

New applications continue to expand, small-pitch led screen business opportunities emerge

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the upgrade of people's demand for visual experience has prompted the continuous optimization of small-pitch led screen. 4K, 8K, Mini/MicroLED, common cathode energy saving, etc. The form and technology of small-pitch continue to progress. Costs have fallen, and small-pitch LEDs are replacing DLP and LCD, OLED and other products in dedicated real-world fields at a faster rate, and are even beginning to move toward a wider space in the civilian market. At the same time, the emergence of new technologies such as AI has promoted industries such as traffic monitoring, command and dispatch, and intelligent production to move toward intelligent visualization, and these provide new business opportunities for small-pitch LEDs. Not only that, in the fields of smart factories, smart schools, smart homes, etc., small-pitch LEDs can also make a big difference.

In addition, with the improvement of the demand for visual experience in the terminal market, the application field of ultra-high-definition small-pitch led screen is continuously expanding. For example, the maturity of MiniLED technology and products has allowed small-pitch to successfully enter the silver dollar market; under the influence of the epidemic, high-definition conference room display demand The continuous improvement, the current market for small-pitch LED screens and solutions for high-end conference room applications is really eye-catching; the wave of new infrastructure construction, and the demand for HD LED products in the fields of smart transportation and large-screen monitoring are also continuing to rise. Pitch LED brings more businesses.


End of pitch competition, user experience becomes the focus of innovation

As we all know, “smaller pitch” has always been the theme of small pitch product innovation. However, with the smaller and smaller pitch, the innovation of small pitch products has entered the “bottleneck”, especially considering the cost, process difficulty, reliability, etc. The problem is that "no further pitch" is not necessary. This has also prompted screen companies to change their direction and begin the "full range of user experience and innovation capabilities from technology, products to system services and solutions" to reposition small-pitch products.

The accelerated development of digitization and informatization has accelerated the growth of the market size and application level of the high-definition large-screen market. With the advantages of technology and experience, small-pitch LED screen products have become the main market incrementers. However, small-pitch LEDs need to meet the "standardized" industry development rules while satisfying the user's "differentiated" needs. Only in this way can they continue to enhance the small-pitch market competition based on their continuous innovation capabilities and greater innovation space force.