The Prospect Of LED Display In Esports Field

- Aug 12, 2020-

In recent years, the rapid development of China's Esports industry has surprised everyone. Not only has the awareness increased, the market has been rising, but also with the support of capital, the current Esports industry chain has included events operation, live broadcast platform, media, community and other links, forming a good ecological system. And LED display is becoming one of the necessary equipment of Esports hall, and with the further rise of Esports market and the improvement of the industry chain, its demand will also rise. The future more and more broad Esports market prospects, attracted a number of LCD manufacturers to fight, LED display enterprise crisis awareness should also wake up, to compete for this huge market.

During the epidemic, the Esports industry bucked the trend of growth

If you list the emerging industries that have entered the mainstream vision in the past few years, Esports can be regarded as one. The process of professionalization and sports is constantly advancing, the public awareness is getting higher and higher, the stars are leaving the platform one after another, the commercial value is going up all the way, and the industrialization process is constantly improving. According to relevant report data, from January to June in 2020, the actual sales revenue of China's esports game market in the first half of the year was 71.936 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 54.69%. In the recent half year, China's esports industry developed very fast, or even grew against the trend. Released at the same time, according to the Newzoo Esports market report of the world in 2020, according to the China electronic competitive market income is currently in the global market revenues accounted for 35.0%, and China has 163 million Esports audience, and the first half of this year, the Chinese esports users continues to grow, user scale during the first half of 483.96 million, up 9.94% from a year earlier.

Esports offline events in addition to user speed growth, will soon return, according to the Beijing municipal state-owned cultural assets management center director Liu Shaojian, 2020 king glory in the forthcoming World Cup finals on August 16, held in Beijing wukesong Cadillac center, held the way for internal viewing online RSS parallel, this plan is open the doors of the tournament in 2020, Esports market is about to return to the market. In addition, netease, perfect world and other companies have also revealed their intention to continue to increase in the field of esports. They will not only launch esports experience pavilion, esports ecological industrial park and other projects, but also plan to continue to explore the upstream and downstream of esports industry by creating quality games and holding esports competitions. With the holding of the next blockbuster electronic competition, and the acceleration of Tencent and other giants, the development of the domestic electronic gaming industry is expected to enter a golden era.

In recent years, with the introduction of esports into the Asian Games, the establishment of the International Esports Federation and other industrial landmarks appear, the industry chain is constantly improved, the industry is more and more mature. Nowadays, there are various commercial activities in the Esports industry, which has also become one of the main activities for shopping malls and commercial streets to attract people. The 163 million audience market in China's Esports industry is undoubtedly huge. In addition, the 480 million esports users are likely to become potential esports audiences and potential consumers of offline activities in the esports industry, so as to further improve the derivative products of the esports industry chain, and thus boost the demand for display of various terminals such as esports events and offline activities. Moreover, LED displays with high definition and large size display and are not limited by application scenes are increasingly favored by esports event organizers. Therefore, the development of esports industry and its offline activities has promoted the increase of LED displays' market share in esports.

LCD factory strong into the bureau, LED screen enterprises more waiting for when?

Esports market in the face of a clear, attracted a large number of the layout of the liquid crystal display manufacturers, although the factory at present mainly displays, as now, LCD and OLED display to large size display products development, it is proved that the manufacturer also have power into the screen display areas, on the market of e-sports industry display. The huge consumer group is the decisive force for the development of Esports industry. The policy support also paves the way for the development of Esports industry. Recently, the esports industry has been constantly positive, in early July esports was listed by the Ministry of Education as one of the graduate employment occupations; In 2020 ChinaJoy, Tencent also announced that it will officially launch the first integrated esport V-Station experience hall in China during the "National Day Golden Week" in 2020. With the continuous development of esports, each giant has laid out esports business, which may bring new vitality of esports, but also stimulate new potential.

In the face of the coming good news and the prospect of the esports industry, TCL, with its LCD layout and LED display layout, unveiled the esports display in UDE 2020 earlier. Although TCL is only exhibiting displays at present, its Huaxing Optoelectronics has great influence on LED displays, and it will be easy to lay out LED displays in the field of esports in the future. In the face of strong and LCD LED manufacturers, screen enterprises want to eat a piece of the pie, they have to start from the user experience and reflection speed, deeply dig into the demand points of esports venues and events, from the performance and size, to break the market bottleneck of LED display in esports market. Faced with large LCD manufacturers rich in display terminal resources, LED display manufacturers need to have a sense of crisis, to take the lead in layout, to seize the 100 billion market.

At present, esports business model development and development is still at a very early stage, the future esports will be more rapid and new technology integration. At present, 5G, AI, VR and other technologies are accelerating their application in the field of Esports, which will bring subversive and immersive experience to the future Esports events. In the future, players may be able to choose their own viewing angles or enjoy more immersive viewing experiences in game scenes through VR technology. Although LCD, LED and DLP can achieve the application of AI and VR technology, but in an immersive experience, has a big size LED display, hd is exquisite and more applicability incomparable advantages, such as scene so screen companies can start from the sensory experience, combined with the new technology of XR, create immersive experience venues, become one of the terminal display of Esports industry cannot be replaced, thereby extending Esports terminal market in our country and even the world.

With the improvement of the correct understanding of Esports by the public, the good news about Esports industry has been increasing in recent years. The scale of Esports market is bound to continue to expand, and the demand for LED large-screen display will inevitably surge accordingly, and it is even expected to become one of the mainstream markets of LED display. Facing the blue ocean of Esports market with increasingly fierce competition in the future, LED display can start from the experience to create immersive Esports activities belonging to LED display so as to expand a broader market for LED display.