Transparency Is The Development Trend Of Commercial Led Display

- May 18, 2020-

Nowadays, commercial led display have been widely used in large shopping malls, stadiums, exhibition halls, outdoor advertising, and enterprises, and the word "transparent" has become the industry synonym for commercial led display. With the development of the times, the facades of the major buildings in the city are built on the basis of a commercial glass curtain wall, and now the form of "glass curtain wall + LED display" has become the standard configuration of landmarks in major cities.

Why is it the display form of "glass curtain wall + LED display"? Because during the day, whether it is a retail store or a building, the use of glass curtain walls gives people a sense of fashion, technology, and international appearance. Compared with other architectural appearances, this glass curtain wall display is more commercial. . At night, with the joining of the LED industry, urban centers and commercial centers around the world have all become the new punching grounds of the city, giving people the feeling that where the lighting effect is good, the city center is the same.

With the rapid development of the current business era, the commercial display of "glass curtain wall + LED display" has been the core factor of industry competition.

With the explosion of the facade installation area of glass curtain walls at home and abroad, the requirements for the LED industry are becoming higher and higher. As a manufacturer and researcher of LED display, JCDads has proposed a variety of transparent display solutions for glass buildings . Because the main factor for the user to install the glass curtain wall is to enhance the fashion and beauty of the store, supermarket and building. Here we have developed and installed without affecting the original glass curtain wall environment, making our original store more stylish and beautiful. Led display products. That is the grille screen and the transparent screen. All the product design concepts with "transparency" as the core enable users to better spread advertising information at a convenient time, with a higher spread rate and higher arrival rate.

Through high-impact indoor and outdoor environments of various sizes, shapes and physical pixel pitches, customized for different installation environment applications, designed for high reliability and excellent image quality, LEDs under various physical pixel pitches Ultra-thin walls, light weight and energy-saving, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments, including large shopping malls, billboards, stadiums, exhibition halls and enterprises, to give your audience the ultimate visual experience.