Urban Development Planning For The Next Five Years LED Display Can Show Off

- Jun 13, 2019-

Recently, Guangzhou Municipal Garden Engineering Management Center said it will invest 140 million to realize the upgrade of Guangzhou night lighting! With the rapid development of China's economy and the accelerating process of urban modernization, especially when human beings enter the 21st century, China's urban landscape lighting has gradually been highly valued by people. This is because the city's nighttime light environment and landscape image become an inseparable part of the city's style. The urban lighting project can not only create a good environment for people's night activities, enrich people's nightlife, but also prosper the economy, develop tourism, and establish It is of great significance to express the night image of a city and create a noble cultural atmosphere. At the same time, the advancement of various aspects of LED technology in recent years has laid a good foundation for urban lighting projects. Many people think that lighting is lighting, or lamp decoration. In fact, LED display also has many new development opportunities in urban lighting projects. For example, display engineering, skylight, wall lighting, etc. are all LED displays. The use of the screen.

Display technology, rapid acceleration LED creative display application

There is no doubt that LED creative display is very important in enhancing the commercial value of architectural landscape. Nowadays, with the updating of technology and products, outdoor LED large screen is no longer the same as the past, brick screen, rotating screen, spherical screen The flexible curved LED display, etc., is dizzying... The LED creative display has been widely recognized for its benefits in gathering commercial real estate and shaping urban landmarks.

LED creative display technology continues to accelerate the application of creative LED products in landscape lighting. For example, the LED creative display that combines naked-eye 3D technology, human-computer interaction technology, VR/AR, etc., makes the city brighter and more vivid. At the same time, the special-shaped LED display products can also be combined with urban light carving, lighting, etc., so that the lighting project is more brilliant. The LED advertising curtain wall with many advantages, such as wide coverage, eye-catching, visual impact, and colorful screens, is also the head of the urban lighting project. Especially in places where people are crowded, its presence can show the beauty of a building and the live experience brought to the audience is also very impactful. Whether it is in the shocking nature of its propaganda or the particularity of its playing form, it has its own characteristics, and its characteristics not only cater to the needs of advertisers, but also meet the requirements of the beautification of the entire city, and at the same time, it is also very good. Solve the serious problem of traditional outdoor LED display large screen "light pollution", so it is also an important basis for the LED screen industry to occupy a place in the current night tour landscape lighting.

Enhance product creativity to win in the future competition

Even today's creative LED shaped displays are relatively expensive, but they are not able to stop their progress. As the saying goes: "There are reasons for expensive" is different from conventional products. The creative LED shaped display is more of an added value. The wisdom result is far greater than the material cost, and it also needs to bear certain risk costs. This is the value of customized products. Sometimes the value orientation of the customer is not the price of the product, but the high value return that the product itself brings to the customer.

In the urban lighting engineering design, if the company's products are uniform and have no own characteristics, it will greatly limit the designer's thinking. At that time, there will be a phenomenon of “one thousand cities”. If the city's unique “landmarks” are Repeatedly, the city will also lose its original charm, which is not the original intention of urban construction. For creative LED display manufacturers, each company's creative LED shaped display must form its own unique style and characteristics, in order to enhance the company's creative space. In addition to products, creative LED shaped display companies have used existing capital strength and technical means to tap new customer needs, create new application models, accelerate channel expansion, and expand the market horizontal space of existing products and technology systems to form themselves. Differentiate the path and break the low-profit situation caused by homogenization.


In summary, the night scene lighting project is an indispensable part of urban construction. It is a realistic path to enhance the city's image, improve the city's function, and optimize the livable environment. LED heterosexual display is unique with its scientific and technological sense. The shape is eye-catching, and the future will occupy a place in the urban lighting project. The goal of LED display companies is to meet the market demand through innovative technology and creative products, so as to obtain profits. Therefore, enterprises must adhere to technological innovation. Or model innovation, increase productivity and product “gold content”, make products unique in the market, and use this to shape the brand image.