What Are The Development Directions Of LED Displays

- May 08, 2019-

Nowadays, the word intelligent has gradually appeared in every corner of our life, from the most common smart phone, digital TV, unmanned supermarket, smart community, smart city, and the current hot technology era. Perhaps a major historical drama centered on artificial intelligence is constantly refreshing our understanding of modern technology. These disruptive technological innovations are gradually creeping into our daily life, trying to change our life. Early in July this year, the state council issued the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan (hereinafter referred to as the "planning"), in 2030, our country was proposed and a new generation of artificial intelligence development guiding ideology, strategic objectives, major tasks and safeguard measures, deployment build first-mover advantage of the development of artificial intelligence, speed up the construction of an innovative country and the world science and technology power. It can be seen that intelligent development is no longer a spontaneous behavior of enterprises, but a national intervention, rising to the height of a national strategic development.

According to 2018 ainengled display statistics intelligent in two directions

One screen interaction

Human screen interaction is the final trend of led intelligent display development. Why do you say that? From the perspective of products, intelligent led display is to enhance the sense of intimacy and user experience. In this context, the future led display will no longer be a cold display terminal, but an intelligent display carrier that can interact with the audience based on infrared sensor technology, touch function, speech recognition, 3D, VR/AR and other technologies.

Large screen and central control are intelligent

The intelligent led display enables more users to have a very good scene experience. When people interact with the display, they can create a scene and put people's emotions and feelings into the display. Control system, on the other hand, smart update is in progress of intelligent LED display products, an important engine for example based on the existing technology, let cloud platform management, data analysis and processing, intelligence control, security, such as multi-functional precision push more intelligent, at the same time, in the aspect of hardware, also need to constantly improve.

At the same time, in the 21st century intelligent led display on the products applying field presented the differentiation, a situation of diversity, traffic, intelligent monitoring, wisdom stage, intelligent advertising, and other areas of the different professions, intelligent small spacing, smart full-color led display, intelligent transparent screen, and other intelligent led display products, however, no matter how many, how many products, there is a little don't deny that intelligent led display product research and development at users need more operators to design and research and development, can truly meet the needs of users to the general common, realizing the universal intelligent product market, Finally win the recognition of the market.