What Are The Difficulties Of Co-negative Energy Saving Technology From Entering The LED Industry?

- Sep 17, 2019-

Within the industry, new technologies and products are introduced irregularly, which is conducive to driving new demand. Total Yin the new technology has good energy saving effect, the technology both response to national emission reduction policy, and cater to the end user demands of energy saving, is expected to grow at a steady rate of LED display industry dig out new spray, so when the technology is open, the LED display the enterprise, all incoming, research and development related products, will be a total of Yin energy saving into the spotlight as never before. Under such great heat, gongyin energy saving looks promising to enter the industry, but in fact, there are still many obstacles that LED display companies have to face. To really enter the industry, we have to start from solving these difficulties.

The patent shadow has not gone away

Whether from the perspective of energy conservation and emission reduction, or from the perspective of driving the new demand of LED display industry, conyin is a good technology. Although LED display is becoming more and more delicate, high power consumption along with the development of the industry has always been the pain point of the industry. The opening of this technology plays an important role in promoting the development of LED display industry towards energy conservation. However, the patent of this technology is abroad. Only one enterprise in China has obtained the authorization, and it was not open to the public for a long time, until nearly a year. Although the technology is already open, it is also at home. Once the products are sold abroad, copyright and patent litigation problems are likely to occur. However, most LED display enterprises in China are export-oriented enterprises, whose products are sold to all parts of the world. If enterprises want to lay out common-shade energy-saving layout, the overseas market of common-shade energy-saving needs to be temporarily abandoned. In China, in order to seek new development opportunities, many enterprises have laid out copy-negative energy saving schemes, and the market competition is relatively fierce. Therefore, enterprises should seize the market with fast and high-quality products.

Although patents are very important at home and abroad, but LED screen enterprises also know how to protect their own rights and interests. Actively look for the public information and related technologies of the common Yin technology, look for the favorable conditions to use the common Yin technology, and improve the use degree of the common Yin technology. Of course, there is more than one way to save energy, which requires the hard work of LED screen enterprises. We are looking forward to the next energy-saving technology in the hands of Chinese people.

The main battlefield of common Yin energy saving lies in the small space

The common-shade energy saving technology reduces the voltage from about 4V to about 3V through dual power supply control, effectively reducing the red light power by about 30% and the comprehensive power consumption by about 10-15%. In terms of gongyang technology, since the birth of LED display, gongyang technology has been used in power supply. Due to the high power consumption and the demand of end users and the country for energy saving, LED screen enterprises have been expanding the energy saving effect of gongyang technology. After years of development and improvement, the energy saving effect of gongyang technology can also reach quite good effect. Although the energy saving technology of co-shade is good, the cost competitiveness is relatively low because the "age" is still young, the corresponding industrial chain digestion and supporting facilities are not yet complete, and the mass production is still unable for the time being. In the face of such a situation, the layout of the whole industry needs to be developed and promoted together, so as to speed up the rapid maturation of common-shade energy-saving products. In addition, judging from the common-shade energy-saving products released by various enterprises, common-shade energy-saving products, combined with COB packaging technology, are mostly applied in the field of display screens with small point spacing. In terms of technology, the key technologies of low current accuracy and consistency, low ash and high brush processing of co-negative energy saving are more suitable for the small-spacing LED display screen. Therefore, combined with the development trend of uhd display in the future, it is the best strategy to lay out energy-saving products with smaller point spacing in the future.

To sum up, gongyin energy saving has a long way to go in the industry. According to the current national policies and the development needs of LED display screens, energy-saving products are the general trend, and the layout of gongyin energy saving is beyond dispute. However, enterprises should also objectively view the difficulties in entering the industry, such as whether the industry is mature, whether the production cost can be borne, and whether the return cycle can be borne. They should weigh and analyze objectively according to their own conditions, and choose the development path suitable for them, instead of following the lead of others.