What Is A Small Spacing LED

- May 27, 2019-

Small spacing LED display is the commercial display market since 2014, one of the highest exposure keyword, due to the small distance between the LED display screen can be achieved under the same size display higher resolution images, the expression for the LED display products become consumer household display device extremely significance, and it has high color gamut, high refresh rate, no ghosting effect, low power consumption etc., are in line with the current trend of user requirements for the sitting room screen display effect.

So how exactly is a small spacing LED screen defined? We all know that the LED display screen is made up of LED lights, Mosaic, LED display the spacing is the distance between the center of two LED lights, LED display industry widely used according to the size of this distance, the definition method of product specifications, such as our common P12, P10, P8 (point distance of 12 mm respectively, 10 mm and 8 mm), and so on, and along with the progress of the process, the point spacing is becoming smaller and smaller. According to the general consensus of the industry, the LED display with point spacing less than 3mm is a small spacing LED display. It is known that in current mass production LED displays, the smallest point spacing is P1.6 specification, that is, the distance between the center points of two light beads is only 1.6mm.

Everyone seen LED display products in daily life, whether it is by the side of the road of alcohol, tobacco, tea shop, or the hotel building, or the evening performance stage, LED display utilization rate is quite high, but those products more big space using the traditional LED display products, with the mature of small spacing technology, LED display manufacturers began to speak looked wider indoor application market, have you thought about after the LCD TVS, projectors, put in the sitting room, meeting room, a small distance between the LED display screen?

We have introduced that the small-spacing LED display has some advantages that the existing mainstream home display equipment does not have, such as high color gambit, high refresh rate, low power consumption, etc., while the small-spacing products also have some problems that there is no customer service at present, which affects it to become the preferred product for home users or offices.

First is the price, because of the need to install more LED lights bead on unit area, small spacing LED display higher request to process, and to solve problems such as the circuit heat dissipation, also want to spend the cost of products more than large spacing, the yield is low, causing the current LED products price is still high, small spacing for ordinary users, more than 100 inches of product costing hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy, the difficulty is quite high. On the other hand, as the production capacity of small spacing LED display grows and technology improves, the yield rate will be further improved and the product price will continue to go down.

The second is the space problem, even small spacing as P1.6 specifications of the products, to achieve full hd resolution (1920 x 1080), to reach 144 - inch screen size, it's a quite a huge demand for space, does not contain the base width specification about 3.2 m by 1.8 m, up and down to find a can put down its walls is not an easy thing, this still don't have to consider the big guy multifarious installation work.

Another important issue is maintenance. Although the service life of LED beads can reach 100,000 hours, it is difficult to dissipate heat and prone to local faults due to the extremely high density and the low thickness required for indoor products. It is not a simple matter to maintain and overhaul such a huge structure.

The above points are the main reasons why it is difficult for small spacing LED display products to enter ordinary people's homes. Of course, LED display manufacturers are actively dealing with these problems. Despite these problems, there is absolutely no problem in the visual experience of small-space LED displays. Since there is no display technology link of backlight transmission and LED display is directly illuminated by light beads, the response time, color ability, brightness and other indicators of LED displays are more advantageous than LCD products.

If you look at it now, small spacing LED display products can only be used in luxury villas, high-end meeting rooms and other places, ordinary consumers do not have the ability to consume it, but in the future, small spacing LED display products to replace the projector into the meeting room, replace the LCD TV into the living room, are worth looking forward to.