What Is The Unique Idea Of Front Service LED Display?

- Jan 25, 2019-

At present, Front Service LED Display is more and more popular among advertisers and audiences due to its unique creativity, high-definition multi-angle vision and large-area interaction. Its radiation range gradually moves from the first and second-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen to the third and fourth lines. Urban expansion. What is the unique idea of Front Service LED Display? There is no doubt that the Front Service LED Display advertising media market has become the blue ocean market of the current Front Service LED Display company, especially the transformation of various new technologies and new ideas, bringing more possibilities, and when the Front Service LED Display It’s really amazing to hit the whimsy of the advertisers!

First, energy saving starts from this moment, a digital billboard with automatic power off

In order to raise public awareness of energy conservation, JWT has customized a digital billboard in London consisting of a simple circuit diagram and a Kit Kat chocolate-style switch. When the clock struck at 8:30, Kit Kat on the circuit was suddenly split into two segments, and the power of the poster was turned off. In line with the closing time of the lights on the Tower Bridge, this perfect linkage gives the illusion that it shuts off the power of the bridge.

Second, the menu icon turned into a weather forecast on the Front Service LED Display

Recently, McDonald's, which prefers outdoor advertising, has zoomed in and out: using the real-time data of the weather bureau on the Front Service LED Display to bring new life to the unpredictable weather. An unpackaged burger stands for the sun, and it’s sunny, and a flipped French fries means it’s raining, and when you go out, remember to bring an umbrella; the French fries with tomato sauce are vividly showing the temperature; Coffee is naturally cloudy. A total of eight different icons were designed to show changes in the weather in April.