What Should I Do If The Front Service LED Display Is Garbled?

- Jan 25, 2019-

What should I do if the Front Service LED Display is garbled? In the process of using some Front Service LED displays, especially the outdoor front-end monochrome service LED Display, there will be garbled characters. How to solve the garbled?

1. Water leakage into the water problem

First of all, the garbled characters of the Front Service LED Display are mostly related to water leakage. Because of the rain-proof measures, water is immersed after the rain. The circuit board is short-circuited, which leads to garbled characters. If this happens, Jianyi will immediately seek repairs from the supplier or repair shop.

2. Transfer data problems

The control circuit of the brain output to the screen is faulty, and the focus is on checking the Front Service LED Display power and signal input sections. Damage to the control system board, damage to the data line interface, damage to the data line, etc., will cause the Front Service LED Display to appear garbled.

3. Cable problem

In the case of eliminating the power supply problem, the power supply of the module in the bad test is normal (if the abnormal first block has a dark 80%, there is a problem with the power supply).

4. Software or control card problem

The Front Service LED Display parameter is not set. At this time, it is necessary to determine the scan configuration problem, which is generally 1/4 scan; if it is not a software problem, check the control card problem; if it is not good, only contact the service provider to solve it.