Why Is It Not Advisable To Switch Outdoor Led Display To Indoors?

- Oct 29, 2019-

Some customers buy indoor LED display, and after a period of time, the company needs to use it outdoors for some activities. In order to save costs, they want to change the indoor LED display to outdoor LED display. Is it feasible?

Why is it not advisable to switch to outdoor LED screen to indoors?

The customer that has such idea, to LED screen is not understanding. LED display manufacturers can give you a positive answer, indoor LED display to outdoor use is not realistic, the reasons are as follows, please listen to us for your detailed path.

One, brightness respect limitation. Indoor LED video wall brightness requirements are not high, the use of dynamic scanning circuit, outdoor LED display screen brightness is high for high, static scanning circuit, the two hardware differences.

Second, the waterproofing aspect restriction. The structure of indoor LED display screen requires no waterproof or simple waterproof treatment, while outdoor LED display screen requires high waterproof treatment. During the production, the cable and box body will be waterproofed, so the requirements on the box body structure itself are different.

3. Viewing distance limitation. Indoor LED display wall is required to have a short viewing distance, the models are generally P3, P4, P5 and P6, so the area is generally small, within 15 square meters, while outdoor LED display screen requires a long viewing distance, the models are generally P10, P16 and P20, so its area is larger, generally more than 30 square meters.

Summary: indoor LED display and outdoor LED display due to different brightness, waterproof treatment, model selection, resulting in the beginning of production, raw materials, accessories, boxes and other hardware is different, so it is not good to change, to change will only be more than worth the loss, so manufacturers will not be advised to change.