Why LED Light Pole Screen And LED Advertising Machine Development So Fast

- Jul 29, 2019-

After the ministry of housing and urban-rural development launched the pilot work of national smart city in 2012, smart city quickly attracted the attention of governments around the world. In particular, with the widespread application of the new generation of information technologies such as the Internet of things, Internet and cloud computing, the construction of new smart city is booming. According to relevant data, the investment related to the construction of smart cities will exceed 2 trillion yuan in the next 10 years, and by 2018, 95% of the cities below the sub-provincial level in China, more than 500 cities, have explicitly proposed or are building smart cities.

Smart city has obviously become another hundreds of millions of outlets after the Internet. Facing such a powerful development trend, leading LED screen companies focus on increasing the development and investment of smart city solutions. However, surprisingly, the most rapid development momentum in addition to LED small space display and other hot areas, LED lamp pole screen and LED advertising machine also take advantage of the trend to become the market focus, leading to the layout of major enterprises. So, what is the outstanding feature of LED lamp pole screen and LED advertising machine that can seize the vanguard in the boom of smart city?

Intelligent street lamp important components - LED lamp pole screen

Street lamps, as one of the main public facilities for people's livelihood in urban construction, play an important role in the construction of smart cities compared with other public facilities. And with the wisdom derived by city LED display light pole, is a street lamp as the carrier, in combination with WiFi Internet technology, Internet of things technology, electric power carrier sensing technology, a practice of wisdom city construction, the main applications include street lamp integrated management center, wisdom lighting management system, video monitoring system, WiFi coverage system, intelligent sensor and release system, emergency alarm system, charging system, users can choose according to actual demand of different application subsystems are combined.

Why LED light pole screen and LED advertising machine development so fast

Intelligent LED light pole screen as a form of digital signage, intelligent LED light pole screen has remote voice intercom, remote interactive video, remote face recognition, WIFI, weather and environment monitoring, remote cluster control and other functions, and the display effect is very "intelligent", can present the whole outdoor highlight, hd excellent experience effect. Intelligent LED light pole, on the other hand, screen on the installation and convenient than the conventional display many, just light pole auxiliary can, without too much effort, coupled with intelligent LED light pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous receive, broadcast, so the road guidance and traffic real-time, information release, advertisement has natural advantage, after-sales service is also very simple. It can be seen that LED lamp pole screen, as an important part of smart street lamp, is an essential part in the construction of smart city.

Advertising display best choice - LED advertising machine

In recent years, the advertising industry in the rapid shuffle, the in-depth popularity of the Internet, offline advertising business difficulties, disorderly competition leads to a large number of advertising space caused by the public's antipathy, the popular word on the society called "fire prevention and anti-theft advertising". With the continuous upgrading of smart city terminal consumption, as a new generation of advertising and information communication media, as a natural carrier of smart city terminal, LED advertising machine has stepped onto the big stage of commercial display with a novel, unique and more fashionable attitude, attracting much attention from the market.

Why LED light pole screen and LED advertising machine development so fast

LED advertising machine is in the form of a more happy in various places, different from the traditional print ads, it is also different from television, LED advertising machine has novel and chic, rich contents, concise and easy, large amount of propaganda and the economic advantage of practical features, in all sorts of crowded public places, will be better able to attract more customers to come to know and buy products, to achieve the dual effect of consumers and merchants happy.

The advantages of LED advertising machine in product design are also very obvious. The overall structure of the box is ultra-light and ultra-thin, and it can also provide a variety of box sizes and shapes, helping users to achieve diversified creative display. At the same time, in the appearance design of outdoor LED advertising machine pursuit of high-end atmosphere, fashion and novel, but also in the operation of simple and convenient, more through the mobile phone, tablet, computer access to intelligent remote monitoring and management, let everything in control. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that LED advertising machine is the best choice for advertising display in high-end shopping malls, shops, chain stores, hotels, Banks, exhibition sites and other major places.

We will promote the development of smart cities through quality gates

From the above analysis, it can be seen that LED lamp pole screen and LED advertising machine have prominent advantages, which can indeed play a greater role in promoting the construction of smart city. However, as the market demand continues to expand, more and more enterprises begin to lay out the LED lamp pole screen and LED advertising machine segment, intensifying the pressure of market competition, leading to serious product homogeneity in the industry, low price competition and other malignant phenomena began to appear.

For far-sighted businesses, the line of sight is further afield. Now the simple price advantage is not enough to support the independent brand to maintain the market share, and there may be more opportunities to improve the product quality of intelligent LED lamp pole screen and LED advertising machine to form differentiated competition. Therefore, enterprises should think about how to realize the transformation of products from quantitative change to qualitative change. On the other hand, the construction of smart city also provides strong technical support for the development of LED display screen. For example, emerging technologies such as 3D and VR under the leadership of smart city continue to mature, and integration with LED display screen can realize more possible display effects, providing more comprehensive, accurate and efficient management, application and service for smart city.

Wisdom today, LED screen and LED light pole advertising machine products have been set up in every corner of the city, building of lighter, more efficient, more intelligent, more beautiful, more advantage of market development, product has become the major LED enterprise development goals, with quality and innovation leading wisdom a new urban development, in order to speed up the development of China's cities wisdom city display system has made a contribution.