Will The World's Largest LED Shell Experience Center Lead LED Displays Into Immersive Territory?

- Jun 01, 2019-

With the increasing pursuit of visual display, the audience is no longer just satisfied with the role of the spectator in the exhibition, and the emergence of the immersive experience just meets the needs of people. In the past few years, an immersive experience boom has spread throughout the world. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Madison Square Garden Company is investing a lot of money, and is ready to cooperate with Las Vegas Sands to build an immersive future experience center with technology and entertainment: MSG Sphere.

This is the world's largest spherical building made up of LED casings. The building will be the world's most advanced concert venue in the future: the building's LEDs are programmable to display images on the building's surface, including advertising. It has countless new technologies, LED full coverage, full immersion experience! Is the world's largest LED enclosure building in the immersive experience hall of the display market that has not yet expanded?

Subversive sensory LED display creates an immersive experience

In addition to the outer casing, this huge LED housing construction also has a built-in interior. A huge LED screen will also be installed in the curved walls of the concert hall, allowing for "immersive" performance and augmented reality. Traditional displays often have a "screen" concept. Regardless of whether the screen is flat, curved, or shaped, this screen always "sees a border at a glance" - the effect of this border tells the viewer that what you see is only in the display. Picture. The biggest change in the immersive experience is the use of technology to remove the boundaries of this "screen", allowing viewers to "fall into the space and world of a picture."

To achieve this immersive display experience, in addition to the advancement of screen display technology, the content industry is required to provide sufficient production, computing and storage capabilities. The big screen project is enough to drive the development and progress of this industrial chain, and it also needs the development and progress of the entire industrial chain. In this regard, the LED display industry can fully embrace VR/AR, computer multimedia technology, and at the same time cooperate with the visual content industry to establish a new "display concept high ground."

Expanding the application market LED display is promising

Relevant data shows that the immersion industry company broke through 220 in September 2018, and the immersion industry has become a hot spot for investment and development in the field of cultural and sports performances, real entertainment, and exhibition flash. In the 2017 Consumer Trends Report, the “Immersive” experience has a search growth of 3,800%, and it is almost impossible to find any new offline consumer experience type. At present, the three most popular types of experiences in the Chinese market are immersive real-life entertainment, immersive new media art exhibitions, and immersive performances. The map composed of the three depicts the appearance of the immersive experience in the minds of Chinese consumers.

The above three major types of experience are undoubtedly related to the LED display. At the same time, the test is the market acumen and technological innovation ability of the screen enterprise. The high quality immersive experience depends on the organic LED display products and the advanced digital technology. Combine. With the continuous maturity of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, VR, AR, and blockchain, more and more new technologies will be applied to LED displays to open a new process of immersive experience, which will further enhance users' Visual experience. However, before this, manufacturers still need to further enhance the matching of LED display and scene on the technical level.

Under the continuous development of LED display technology, its application scene is infinitely expanded. In the field of immersive experience display, LED display presents certain feasibility and good application prospects. Moreover, with the changes in display technology and the changing market demand in the future, the digitalization and intelligentization process is accelerating, and the commercial application of LED display is more spacious. Will LED screen companies in the future develop immersive territory with their outstanding products, and shine in this new field where few people are still in the footsteps? let us wait and see.