With VR Integration, LED Display Scene Will Achieve A Major Reform!

- May 15, 2019-

With the advent of advertising 3.0 era, the outdoor LED used to focus on space and turn to the scene of "space + time + people" to integrate consumer characteristics. This requires the enhancement of display technology, and the products and brands of advertisers will not only form a good interaction with consumers through the big screen, but also become the gathering place of scene marketing.

At present, many enterprises have introduced 3D, naked eye 3D LED display products. In order to further meet the experiential needs of consumers, some led display enterprises have also tried to carry AR/VR technology. In 2015 Shanghai international LED exhibition, LED photoelectric has successfully applied AR augmented reality technology to add realistic people in virtual scenes, and LED large screen realizes the interaction between virtual scenes and real people. The audience in front of the camera will automatically pull to the screen to interact with the virtual scene in the screen, increasing the commercial value of the advertisement.

This year, in the VR boom, led display enterprises represented by eliad are ready to move. Beijing liard investment co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of liard, and Qingdao blackchip information technology co., LTD., plan to set up Beijing blackchip technology co., ltd. as a joint venture to strengthen the research and development, business development and application fields of virtual reality products.

Subsequently, lyard and zhisheng sichuan university signed the strategic cooperation agreement of "virtual reality technology innovation and application" to jointly study the integration and application of LED small-space display technology and VR technology. Research and development of cinema-level "high-definition stereo LED display" related technology; Invested in the construction and operation of "virtual reality science popularization experience museum", etc. Meanwhile, abissen and lianjian optronics also indicated that they would pay close attention to the development of this field.

In the future, what consumers need is not only products, but a true information interactive platform integrating front-end devices and screens. Led display manufacturers need to gradually realize the role transformation from manufacturers and developers to service solution suppliers, and integrate more user needs into the overall solution.