Outdoor LED Advertising Board P5 Electric LED Display

Outdoor LED Advertising Board P5 Electric LED Display

Professional Focus On Full HD LED Electronic Display Production And Sales
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We always put efforts on market management of Indoor Shopping Mall Advertising LED Display, Indoor P4 Hd Display Screen, Curved LED Video Walls, meanwhile, the quality is the stepping stone of one company. We have a professional international operation team. We can also flexibly provide customers with private or partial phases of services according to customer needs.

The general specification

Product specification P1.923

Pixel diameter 1.923mm

The point center is 1.923mm away

Pixel density 270410 points /㎡

Unit plate size 200×300mm

According to the specification

Screen resolution 48×48

Display the primary color in full color

The pixels are made up of 1R1G1B

Display color 65536

Grade 4096 grayscale

Visual Angle ±60°

Visual distance 2-30m

White balance brightness 1000cd/㎡

1000 CD/m2 brightness

The color temperature is adjustable from 3200k to 9300k

Unit flatness 0.5mm

Unit splicing 0.5mm

Display mode synchronous display

Electrical specifications

Maximum power 650W/㎡

Average power: 280W/㎡

Operating voltage AC 220V±15% 50HZ

Other specifications

Transmission mode: optical fiber, network cable, wireless

Refresh frequency 3000HZ

Drive mode 1/26 scan (dynamic)

The transmission distance is 100m (no relay), and the optical fiber is 100KM for error correction

Working environment storage temperature: -40-85℃ working temperature: -10-50℃

Service life 100000 hours

The weight of the product is 30Kg/m2





At present, LED displays have been widely used in public places such as railway stations, Banks, securities, hospitals, stadiums, municipal squares, concerts and airports.

With our own efficient manufacturing capacity, we ensure that deliverability and the batch sizes of our Outdoor LED Advertising Board P5 Electric LED Display are in line with the dynamics of our markets at all times. In line with the purpose of creating a high-quality brand, our company pursues the business philosophy of 'sincere creation of satisfaction' and the service principle of 'humanization and specialization'. Our pursuit and enterprise aim would be to 'Always fulfill our buyer requirements'.


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