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JCDads is a professional LED display manufacturer in China. Our factory is located in Shenzhen with area more than 5,000 sqm. We are specialized in designing and producing indoor and outdoor LED display for comprehensive application. We are always dedicating to produce high quality and reliable LED display and offer excellent after sales service to our customer.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Special design supply power system, PCB circuit, big lamp chip, high brightness and low power consumption so can save 30%;

2.Features and Advantages:

LED display screen can be freely lifted by (hydraulic, electric) system, freely lock height;

360 degree screen without dead angle rotation any point lock;

Any solar panel flip electric and 360 degree adjustment tracking sunlight;

Four corners of the car body are equipped with lifting jacks, which are safe and stable and windproof, etc;

Axle adopts advanced seamless M5 steel pipe, bearing up to 2000KG;

Unique telescopic bending puller;


Stock exchange centers, customs, stadiums, studio, shopping malls, railways, airports, harbors, high way, commercial advertising, Stadium perimeter, mobile media,  bus station, schools, telecommunications, entertainment events, business establishments, such as banks,  etc;

图片98(001) 图片99(001)



Body material

Square steel pipe (80 * 80 * 4MM)

Solar panels

18V / 250W * 2P (Custom)

body colour

Yellow, orange, etc.

Charging system

60A charge manager

Damping spring

Double spine 750 * 50 * 5PCS


12V / 500AH (Custom)


MAX 100KM / H maximum load 1.5T

LED display

1200 * 1600mm (Custom)

Guide wheel

Can lift ±30cm, bearing 2000lb


≥8000 CD/m2


Height: 55 cm, Open height: 85 cm


Two-color, five-color, full-color can be customized

Trailer size

3950 mm * 2050 mm * 2700 mm

Display operation

Mobile, tablet APP upload program

Display rotation

360 degrees can stop any angle

LED module

P10/P16/P20/P33.3/ customizd

Lifting system

Hydraulic, electric system optional

Solar stent

360 degree rotation

Pull rod

120cm long, can be folded.

water proof



1585mm, 5mm Eviscerate Steel



Consumption energy



Function can be customized according to requirements

Packing way ( choose one from the following):

Within2~4 weeks after confirming payment.

Packed in anti-static bags, bubble bags, foam box and carton to ensure safety in transportation,  or customized single box.

Shipping by airway, Freight, or depends on your requirement, the packing photos and the tracking number will be updated after delivery.



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