Energy Saving LED Display

Energy Saving LED Display

1, Good color consistency, high contrast, clear picture
2, Energy saving design, energy saving and environmental protection
3, Vertical viewing angle of 140 °, horizontal viewing angle of 140 °, to expand the scope of the audience
4, Anti-ultraviolet, dust and water, protection class IP65; signal, power supply, safe and reliable outdoor use
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Product Details

Product Introduction

The Outdoor SMD series LED display deliver better viewing experiences for audience with its wider viewing angle, which is 140 degree for both horizontal and vertical than the DIP type, and the customer can experience new visual standard of outdoor SMD series. Key advances in UV protection. Waterproof, wide view angle,energy saving, eliminating maintenance and reducing costs; These features set outdoor SMD series ahead of the competition in the market, to be specially applied for outdoor situations which are demanding for higher resolution and wider viewing angle. 

Energy Saving LED Display Parameter

Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density/m2


LED Configuration


Module Size

1ft x 1ft

Module Resolution

28*28 dots

Minimum Viewing Distance


Panel size (WxH)

3ft * 3ft

Driving IC


Refresh Rate

≥ 2880 Hz



Viewing Angle (H/V)



100,000 hours

Operating Temperature

-20℃~ +60℃

IP Rating


Control System



2 years

Outdoor Solar LED Display Screen Projects



Factory view


FAQ-What is an led screen?

An LED Screen is like a giant television or computer monitor. The screen itself is made from lots of little LEDs (light emitting diodes) placed close together. Each LED emits three colors - Red, Green and Blue - which together light up as needed to create a range of colors. From a distance you don’t notice the individual LEDs but just see a picture created by all the LEDs working and changing colour in sequence.

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