Solar Energy LED Display

JCDads is a professional LED display manufacturer in China. Our factory is located in Shenzhen with area more than 5,000 sqm. We are specialized in designing and producing indoor and outdoor LED display for comprehensive application. We are always dedicating to produce high quality and reliable LED display and offer excellent after sales service to our customer.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Special design supply power system, PCB circuit, big lamp chip, high brightness and low power consumption so can save 30%;

2.Features and Advantages:

·  Front maintenance saves space instead of rear maintenance;

·  Easy to install, usually adopted for wall-mounted installation;

·  Adopting by using excellent IC driver and improved PCB design;

·  Suitable for almost all types of colors;

·  Cabinet size can be customized;

·  With front maintenance, usually one cabinet composes one display;

·  Easy install & maintenance;

·  With working life-span at least 100,000hrs.


Stock exchange centers, customs, stadiums, studio, shopping malls, railways, airports, harbors, high way, commercial advertising, Stadium perimeter, mobile media,  bus station, schools, telecommunications, entertainment events, business establishments, such as banks,  etc;

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Display Type: LED Full Matrix 

Display Viewing Area: 2070mm x 1280mm 

Matrix: 48 x 28 dots

Color: red

Service: front access 

Screen: Non Glare UV polycarbonate 

Photocell auto dimming 

Trailer Type

L X W X H: 3100 X 2200 X 2500MM (with draw bar, fender) 

Operating height: 3600mm 

Rotating degree for message panel: 360 

Draw bar length: 800-1300mm extendable 

Trailer has the brake system for the message panel, so it can stop on the certain position. 

For corner jack stands: 15 inch, 3000LBS 

Draw bar jack stand (with 6inch jockey wheel): 2000LBS 

Coupler: 3000LBS; 50mm ball 

Wheel type: 13 inch 

Hydraulic function for operating message panel lift 

Manual Hydraulic Backup 

3mm steal check plate 

Controller and Programming 

Programming options SMS, RSR232 Serial direct connect 

Software: Windows Compliant Free automatic software updates 

Predefined Images: 100 

Radar: Radar logging / remote removal, logging speed data / time traffic count 

Large Storage up to 100 individual messages with various page sizes 

Solar traffic display trailer Power Supply Info

 Voltage: 12V 

Solar Panels: 2 x 75 watt Panels 

Batteries: 2 x 12Volt; 200AH deep cycle 

Solar Controller: 20AMP 

Radar (with speed display) 

On board computer for on site programming 

Structure Characters:

Overall length: 460 cm

Overall width: 218 cm

Display panel: 198cm x 332 cm

Panel construction: Aluminium

Travelling height: 297 cm

Operating height: 434 cm

Weight: 1723 kg

Coupler: 76 mm pintle eye

Brake actuator: 3402 kg

Axle/suspension: 2494 kg

Brake: Hydraulic


All variable message sign Trailers allow for an optional vehicle / radar activated display. This allows the display to be activated ONLY when a vehicle passes, ultimately saving power and LED life. The radar can display the speed of the vehicle and allows variable messages depending of current speed, ie: Slow Down, Too Fast.

Packing way ( choose one from the following):

Within2~4 weeks after confirming payment.

Packed in anti-static bags, bubble bags, foam box and carton to ensure safety in transportation,  or customized single box.

Shipping by airway, Freight, or depends on your requirement, the packing photos and the tracking number will be updated after delivery.



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